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Reiki Community Updates

Beautiful Beloved Community! You all enchant and honor us so, shining your light in this beautiful world. May we continue to support ourselves and one another in our expanded heart-consciousness! Aho! As always, you can find a current listing of … Continue reading

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Reboot & Rebirth Ceremonies

Between my ego-self and my enlightened-self, there dwells my guiding-self or my evolutionary-self. I call her “Love,” and she BE my guide in all ways, always. In my blog post, “New Moon and Solstice Blessings,” I wrote about the power … Continue reading

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Journey to Lemuria

Many have asked, “What is the story with Socha? Who are they?” Well, I’ve had glimpses of a shared lifetime with Socha, and as I inquired more deeply of Socha about this, I found that the information is quite timely … Continue reading

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