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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Photo Gallery – OdaBe, Our Sacred Training Space

“The heart of the Sacred Hoop is the Whirling Rainbow that contains all colors, all experience, all wholeness… Welcome the changes that will allow all creatures to join together as one.”  Jamie Sams This is the Heart of this journey, … Continue reading

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Liaison to the Light – A Guest Blog Post by Marilee Wintz

Today we have a guest blog post by Marilee Wintz, one of our Reiki Masters and noted creative in our community and nationally. Marilee is an interior designer, photographer, painter, writer, author, mosaic artist, pottery maker, spa products maker, hiker, … Continue reading

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New Dawn & Destiny

Ah, Beautiful Sage Spirit Community…. Do you know how you delight, enchant and inspire others simply by being who you BE? As we navigate our passage through the portal energies of the solstice, holiday season, and New Year celebrations, I just … Continue reading

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