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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Trickster… Transformation

What do you do when you are guided to believe that nothing can be done in the practical, physical realm, and that the only solutions lie in the spiritual or energetic realm? On January 23 and 24, 2013, I encountered … Continue reading

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Fireside Socha & Osho

On a dark, stormy night – at the first new moon of 2013 and on the eve of the year’s first Reiki I workshop – Dana Nöllsch and I enjoyed an indoor fire ceremony to honor earth-sky cycles and new … Continue reading

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Spontaneous Healing

I brought up spontaneous healing in my last blog post with a promise to return with more information. “Spontaneous” may not be quite the correct term in each and every case. It’s often more like “miraculous” healing, since we can’t … Continue reading

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Conscious Evolution and Embracing Alchemy

How beautiful to let go and to BE held in the arms of the Universe! As we engage with our conscious evolutionary journeys, our vibration increases. This means we feel more joy, love, creativity. I like to think of it … Continue reading

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