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Meet Your Sage Spirit Team

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We would first like to acknowledge the most amazing members of our team: our very sage clients, students, and collaborative partners, from artists to accountants. All are creative and compassionate, truly making a difference in the world. Without you, we'd have no team, and no reason to be Sage Spirit. We are blessed and honored by your participation. Always we are inspired by you and your journeys.



Denise Sheehan, of Denise L. Sheehan, LLC, dba Sage Spirit Coaching & Glossary Link Reiki, is the Glossary Link Conscious Evolution Coach, a Reiki Master Teacher, Shaman, and The Stargate Experience Facilitator. We'll offer her professional overview below, and if you're interested in a glimpse into her more personal story, visit, "Reiki for Spiritual Transformation" in our library and/or our blog post, "My Spirituality: How I Came To Be Here." Denise supports conscious evolutionary journeys by unleashing our vital wisdom and promoting our vibrant health through one-on-one sessions, Reiki Certification Workshops, and many other products and services. Denise created a unique blend of Glossary Link life coaching, Shamanic Reiki, and The Stargate Experience meditations that gently but powerfully removes barriers and challenges to a life fully lived, while empowering personal gifts, goals, and dreams, so that our lives align with our highest potential.

Denise's passion and purpose is to create a space where everyone fully expresses their potential,  identifies and creates their authentic paths, lives their wildest dreams, and contributes to a healthy, vibrant, joyful new way of being in the world.

To support this vision, Denise studied Reiki and became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2006, adding life coaching in 2007. She is a Reverend, Universal Life Church Monastery since 2007. She completed her credential as Certified Professional Co-Active Coach through the internationally accredited Coaches Training Institute in 2010. In 2011, she became a Certified Job Coach with NextJob, helping to reduce unemployment in America. She is a full mesa carrier, a shaman trained in Peruvian traditions through the Four Winds Society and Sacred Rainbow Mesa, since 2013. In 2015, she became is a Stargate Facilitator, Level II, and Level III in 2016. In 2017, she birthed an innovative new certification program called Sky Spirit Shamans

Denise holds an English Degree from the University of Nevada, Reno, with a minor degree in French. She took many an academic turn in the process, also studying psychology, sociology, counseling, and Spanish. Before becoming Glossary Link spiritual entrepreneur of Sage Spirit, she worked at the University of Nevada, Reno from 1988 to 2009. As Prevention Specialist since 1998, she traveled the country providing training and technical assistance with a focus on community health to states, community coalitions, tribal entities, faith-based organizations, and Pacific Islanders. She co-authored a college textbook, Substance Abuse Prevention: The Intersection of Science and Practice. She has also authored and co-authored several others products on the topic of prevention, including a popular national curriculum, Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Training. In 2018, she continued her Reiki Certification to the Usui Holy Fire II Advanced Reiki Training/Master Teacher Level. 



Dana Bratcher became a Glossary Link Reiki Master Teacher in 2006, along with Denise. In fact, studying Reiki as Beloveds has added incredible value to their co-created  "RelationDance" (a term coined by Mark Michael Lewis). Dana co-facilitates most of the Sage Spirit Reiki classes. He adds so much value, with his philosopher spirit dancing through the course content, adding insights into whatever spiritual themes emerge with each unique gathering. Reiki students feel completely at ease with his gentle wisdom and guidance.

Dana is a two-time cancer survivor. He received traditional chemotherapy and radiation treatments in the late 1980s. In the process, he learned much about himself and how his life of conformity contributed to his dis-ease. Thus began the conscious quest for knowledge, self-awareness, and a balanced life. In the more recent past, Dana experienced extreme anemia that doctors suspected as cancer originating from his former treatments. Through Reiki and other alternate healing strategies, we were able to correct the imbalance before the doctors could identify the source. His doctor explained, "We ran a million dollars' worth of tests. We don't know what happened to you or why you got better, but you are!" Dana credits his guardian angels who wouldn't want to part with him based on the endless entertainment he provides.

Resulting from his healing journey and awakening, Dana's learned valuable lessons about self-love and –care, healing, life-balance, and conscious living. He's a voracious dreamer and learner, mostly self-educated through the power of written words and engaging conversations with other sages. He especially enjoys exploring brain science as it relates to our creation of health and our interpretation of reality. He lives the art of "Dana Vision," expressed through creativity, inventiveness, inquisitiveness, humor, playfulness, nurturing, and more. He successfully engages the law of attraction, calling into being boundless joy, love, and abundance in his life. He's a cultural creative, wildly authentic even when norms may dictate more mundane choices. Along with Denise, he too studies shamanism. All this, plus he engages in a very long-term career at the University of Nevada, Reno.


Chief Furry Officers (CFOs) - Myo and SunBear

Aside from their duties as Sage Spirit advisors and inspiration wizards, Myo and SunBear provide distance healing energy as Glossary Link Reiki Masters. They particularly enjoy their work when it involves wet-nose kisses. Sage is the namesake for Sage Spirit.

Myo's name means literally, "the light of the sun and the moon," in Japanese. On a figurative level it means, "enlightenment." She's the black, white, and tan girl we call Myo the mystic, or magical, mensch, and mischievous at times too. She's quite psychic and always engaged reading all the signs of the universe, making sense and meaning, and, on some levels, trying to create order from chaos.

Myo speaks: All the world's perceived problems are handled. I'm managing all that. I'm kidding, of course, on some levels. But I also feel my connection to everyone and everything so acutely that I can't help but to contribute healing energies wherever I go. If I seem a little edgy when we meet, I apologize, but I'm always so overstimulated reading everyone's energies, perceiving needs, and sending healing. The whole world is busy to me. More truthfully, I am the busy one.

SunBear came to us with the name, Sunny. After about a year living with us, he requested a "coming of age" celebration and a name that would more closely match his shaman energies. His ceremonial renaming allowed him to step more fully into his power. He's a sweet and gentle spirit who always channels earthy energies. We're so happy we rescued him, offering him healing energies and Reiki training.

SunBear speaks: Spirituality isn't necessarily serious business at all. Innocence, curiosity, playfulness, and beginner's mind are as important as spiritual discipline and wisdom. Facing trials and challenges in life does not mean we're doing something wrong or we're out of favor with Spirit. On the contrary, it's often exactly what we need to fully develop our gifts to offer into the world. Gentle or powerful, stick with your spiritual journey and you will know many wonders. I am shy, as I know well the journey of over-coming fears instilled from my earliest days. We all may heal these wounds. The time is now!

In gratitude to Myo and SunBear, for your sunshine spirits, brilliance, and wisdom!



Sage is the namesake, founder and inspiration of Sage Spirit. She possessed the most remarkable capacity for unconditional love and joy. Everywhere she went, children and adults followed her around, just wanting to be in her energy field. She was a natural healer. Still, she lived with a brain tumor during her last several years, which provoked intermittent seizures increasing in intensity as she became older. The first seizure permanently removed her hearing, and so we learned a new way to communicate using hand signals. Her last seizure removed her capacity to walk, and through her determination, she once more became quite mobile. Through it all, she accepted life each day, with pure joy and love emanating from her spirit.

See more of Sage's story here.