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Accessing Divine Mind

Our new “ayllu,” or family of Sky Spirit Shamans is coming together so beautifully! There have been some remarkable synchronicities and magical manifestations. Our hearts are soaring! We have a video to share with you that has some awesome shamanic wisdom that’s both practical and mystical in nature. We hope you enjoy! But first…

To refresh your memory about Sky Spirit Shamans, click here.

To learn more about the Inca Medicine Wheel that serves as a support structure for our journey, click here.

To see a photo gallery of our sacred training site we call “OdaBe,” click here.

Are you a Rainbow Warrior? To learn more about that, click here.

And now, for our video!

Accessing Divine Mind

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Sky Spirit Shamans: The Medicine Path of the Heart-Full Healer

Certification Program –Sky Spirit Shamans:

The Medicine Path of the Heart-Full Healer

For the Healing of All Our Relations

Sky Spirits


Are you ready to live your life as an epic journey?

  • Activate your innate and archetypal shamanic abilities in a creative, empowering community of support
  • Embrace ceremonial healing, empowerment, awakening, all while revealing your innate spiritual gifts
  • Discover your destiny, that magical place where the path of your soul meets that of your choosing, where you live your days with purpose and passion
  • Receive support for your path from sources seen and unseen, in gratitude
  • Become an “energetic activist” in service to All-That-Is, with grace and ease

The Red Nation shall rise again and it shall be a blessing for a sick world. A world filled with broken promises, selfishness and separations. A world longing for light again. I see a time of seven generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again. ~ Chief Crazy Horse

Many of the “carry-over souls,” who have been Dreamers before, are awakening and tapping into their abilities to be Dreamtime travelers again. A “carry-over soul” is one who has carried talents and abilities from other lives into the present.” ~ Jamie Sams

Are you a carry-over soul, a Warrior of the Rainbow… here in service to the shift in consciousness, our evolution?


I have received the greatest, life-changing wisdom from many teachers in my path as Shaman, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Life Coach, and Stargate Experience Facilitator. In an ethereal way, I was also activated as “galactic shaman,” whereby I experience direct contact with the Ancestors of this Land, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Star Families and other Spirit Guides who desire to work through me in sharing the ancient healing and wisdom-traditions, in service to all life and to our beloved Earth herself.

In embracing this destiny, a path where my heart, soul and spirit meet service, Sky Spirit Shamans is birthed, an offering for our community and world, in deepest humbleness, honoring and gratitude to the Ancient Ones, our Ancestors, and all the Indigenous People and Cultures who have provided healing wisdom since time immemorial. Continue reading

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White Eagle Spirit

White Eagle Spirit: A Short (True) Story in Three Parts (Plus a Poem)

Artist: Susan Seddon Boulet

I am sharing more of my recent adventures in spirit, in healing, as I know so many of us are going through profound, confusing and painful shifts of late. Perhaps this map may offer you hope and support. With Love. Always with Love.

Part I: Magical Heart Expansion

A few months ago, my soul sent me and my body on a mythic quest, with a promise of new spiritual expansion. In my journey, I found myself in an enchanted, magical place. The Spirits of that place spoke to me there, and they still do. I had a profound Heart-Expansion, by virtue of a deep soul contract and activation that was destined to be. Through the help of a healer friend and this magical space, I felt a newness born through me for which I will always be profoundly grateful, but for which there can be no words reflecting the vibration of it. Continue reading

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Exalted Love

Our strict adherence to rationalism has turned out to be less mental sophistication than collective gullibility, and we are ready to consider that what now passes for truth is in many ways fantasy, and what the world calls fantasy includes a lot of truth. ~ Marianne Williamson

As the portals of my awareness expand, all my perceptions shift. In blurred vision, sifting and shifting through the veils, I find my willingness to find new clarity. I am an adventurer in new versions of “reality.”

And Love, my ultimate teacher, keeps showing me new ways to opening, living, sharing and BEing. Continue reading

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Miracles, Gifts, Jesus and other Shamans

Divine Alchemy, the transformation from fear into love: this is what a perceive our world to be about now. Fortunately, our own beloved friends at Alchemist Theatre bring us so much creative inspiration for our alchemical journeys, including their monthly gatherings. They have a  new daily podcast called “Jesus Medicine,” where they explore the inspiration from specific lessons in A Course in Miracles.

I was their guest for last Sunday’s podcast, and I thought I would share with you all. As always, I feel so honored to have the opportunity to co-create with such creative, spirit-filled friends, sharing this journey of alchemy.

Towards the end of the session (only 13 minutes), I share just a bit about a huge discovery and transformation I’ve been going through. I’ve recently had the enormous GIFT of having my “sacred wound” activated in a way where I could finally dive deeply into it and literally transform my experience of this world.

Perhaps if you’re interested, I will share more about this in a facebook live event sometime soon. I know I’m not the only one riding waves of profound change in my inner landscape. If my story might be of value to you, I would be honored to share.

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Collaborative Dreaming

Loving-kindness is supremely relational: it works only if it’s offered, given away, or shared. We cannot bank love; it grows as we give it away. The more we give it away, the greater our capacity for love. This is how loving-kindness becomes limitless. ~  Joan Halifax, Being with Dying

Art: “Pele” by Cher Lyn

Recorded deep within my DNA and consciousness are memories of another life, another era, where love, co-creation, and community flowed more gracefully, without attachments and fears of loss. We enjoyed love as deep intimacy without barriers or the need for control. We freely let go if another’s heart called them onward, either for love, healing or growth elsewhere. For me, this place is/was known as The Land of Mu, or Lemuria, the Pacific Ocean equivalent of Atlantis, but with much more Aloha Spirit – creativity and love consciousness, vs. the energies of logic, science, math. I experience Mu as the essence of divine feminine, and Atlantis as the sacred masculine. Even so, amazing technologies emerged from both places.

But what does it mean to love without fear? This very question has led me to some amazing journeys where I have seen how our very DNA, for we humans, was once corrupted by codes meant to keep us in fear, subservient, easy to control. And it changed everything. This includes the consequence of love-energies being muted, swallowed up by fears. We created institutions of death-do-us-part to try to avoid facing our fears, to avoid loss of love. And so much control has come into our experience of love, paradoxically, tragically.

So how do we find our way back?  How do you we return to our own essence – to BE and to enjoy Love? Continue reading

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Eclipse Empowerment

How are those eclipse energies working for you? Wow! It’s been intense for many of us… in good ways, and sometimes in some profoundly uncomfortable ways. Last month, at our Sage Spirit Stargate Gathering, a really cool meditation came through me, and afterward I felt called to record it as a Facebook Live event. I’ve been listening daily since, and I’m finding more and more of my fears dissolve and my sense of empowerment expand. I apologize for the delay in getting this posted here, but I hope this will help to tune you up for the remaining eclipse season. You likely already know, but August 21 is the big day for the solar eclipse following today’s lunar eclipse. But we will be feeling these energies into September and the next full moon.

For more information on The Stargate Experience, visit www.thestargateexperience.com.

Stargate Meditation for August 2017 Eclipse Season <3

Sage Spirit Coaching & Reiki 发布于 2017年7月28日

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Dance of the Divine

Artist: Susan Seddon Boulet

It’s cliché, but I unapologetically say it anyway. Your life matters. If you had a Scrooge moment here-and-now with the ghost-of-the-past, you would see remarkable ways that you’ve altered others’ world views and life experiences. You would see the Magic of your soul expressed in remarkable ways.

There are times, too, where you’ve played the fool, heart-breaker, sacred clown, noble friend, or sacred cow. These times too, you played a divine role in the path of the others, helping them to see the aspects within them that needed healing and integration.

At times, Love put on shoes and walked out the door. You wondered if you would ever feel worthy again.

In all roles, in all ways, you are an expression of the Divine. You ARE Divine.

When I think of you, of me, of the divine comedy, my heart opens, my love expands, my joy magnifies, my sad-and-happy tears blend and flow. I embrace our Unity with our Divinity.

We serve Love and Truth. How blessed we BE.

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Sky Spirit Shamans: Concentric Circles of Love

Artist: Cher Lyn

The Greatest Lie we ever told ourselves is that we are separate from one another. ~ Laura Plato

A guiding vision for all my creations, years in the making, has become manifest in the most magical of ways. Today we revisit a post from September 2015. Our Sky Spirit Shamans Certification Program began last week, with thirteen delightful angels-in-earthsuits coming together in loving support of all our dreams for ourselves, our families, our community, and our beloved Earth.

We invite a coming together – beautiful humans, dancing with reverence on our Earth, joined by our beloved angels and spirit guides – in ways where we are All supported in more love, more joy, and more abundance in all manner of blessings. We transcend our “wounds,” whether they show up as shame, judgment, competition, fear, anger, victim- and scarcity-consciousness or other destructive, hurtful forms.

Together we step into our empowerment as healed healers, as loving leaders, and as heroes of the destiny of our making. Continue reading

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Sky Spirit Shamans: A Call to Rainbow Warriors

Artist: Susan Seddon Boulet

It’s not unusual of late to wake at 3am feeling waves of light activation filling my body, mind and spirit, to feel so alive and invigorated that I can barely wait to create. My spirit feels so called to Sky Spirit Shamans that I can barely hesitate to follow each download, each one a precious gift from the Ancestors, my Guides and Angels, my Star Families. My meditations are filled with magic beyond belief.

In seeking the answers of the Void where future lives, life becomes extraordinary, exciting, and filled with beauty. The mundane awareness of daily living melts away when we pause to sense the adventure offered by the constant messages brought by the Four Winds of Change. Everywhere we look, life is calling. Each moment is packed full of the life-forms that seek to align with us as Two-leggeds. We are the only creatures who have lost our sense of belonging to the total Creation of Great Mystery. In understanding the lessons of the Sacred Hoop, we learn to touch life in a deeper and more gentle way. The understanding comes from a way of living, being, and thinking. ~ Jamie Sams

Have you heard of the Rainbow Warriors? As prophesied…  Continue reading

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