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Monthly Archives: November 2017

White Eagle Spirit

White Eagle Spirit: A Short (True) Story in Three Parts (Plus a Poem) I am sharing more of my recent adventures in spirit, in healing, as I know so many of us are going through profound, confusing and painful shifts … Continue reading

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Exalted Love

Our strict adherence to rationalism has turned out to be less mental sophistication than collective gullibility, and we are ready to consider that what now passes for truth is in many ways fantasy, and what the world calls fantasy includes … Continue reading

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Miracles, Gifts, Jesus and other Shamans

Divine Alchemy, the transformation from fear into love: this is what a perceive our world to be about now. Fortunately, our own beloved friends at Alchemist Theatre bring us so much creative inspiration for our alchemical journeys, including their monthly gatherings. They … Continue reading

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