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White Eagle Spirit

White Eagle Spirit: A Short (True) Story in Three Parts (Plus a Poem)

Artist: Susan Seddon Boulet

I am sharing more of my recent adventures in spirit, in healing, as I know so many of us are going through profound, confusing and painful shifts of late. Perhaps this map may offer you hope and support. With Love. Always with Love.

Part I: Magical Heart Expansion

A few months ago, my soul sent me and my body on a mythic quest, with a promise of new spiritual expansion. In my journey, I found myself in an enchanted, magical place. The Spirits of that place spoke to me there, and they still do. I had a profound Heart-Expansion, by virtue of a deep soul contract and activation that was destined to be. Through the help of a healer friend and this magical space, I felt a newness born through me for which I will always be profoundly grateful, but for which there can be no words reflecting the vibration of it.

Part II: Dark Night

I was told by my guides before I partook of that adventure in Love that there would be an activation leading to a healing I didn’t even know I needed. And so it was, the after-bliss crash that can happen at times to spiritual seekers. The euphoria of found Love activated what I’ve been calling my “Sacred Wound.” But what is that exactly? My Sacred Wound is the illusion that I am separate from any other. Painfully exploring the depths of my illusion, I came face to face with every yet remaining ego construct of my mind – old stories, traumas, habits, patterns, shadows, attachments, longing and desire, and above all, the misperception that I am tragically flawed, unworthy, or that anyone could ever be. In contrast, meditation and the loving support of my angels and guides took me to the most amazing spaces, where I reached into prophecy, revelations, potential and probability lines. I found the places where we truly are all One, and not only that, we are intimately aware of our direct connection with the Creator. So for me, the past couple of months have been about riding waves of profound despair and euphoria.

Part III: Surrender

The only way through has been constant vigilance in surrendering to Spirit, honoring free will of myself and all others, and diligence in self-love – whether in speaking my truth, giving myself space for massive amounts of meditation, and ultimately surrendering control of anything and everything, to choose Love again and again, no matter how deep my wounds felt in any given moment. And this realization comes through again and again, that any and all acts of carelessness, heartlessness or even violence are an expression of the Sacred Wound, sometimes enacted in dramatic ways. The only way to heal a Sacred Wound is through compassion and Love, for everyone involved, as All are an expression of our Oneness. All are an expression of me. And I trust in Love to heal us All, in divine timing. I trust in Love.

As I rise from the ashes of this profound healing, Spirit gives me a new Earth Name: White Eagle Spirit. I am Free. I am Visionary.

As a bonus, here’s a rather synchronistic poem I wrote nearly twenty years ago:

“Eagle Woman”

Upon the wild, unruly lake

I reflect upon the twilight horizon

and spy within the silky sky

your ritual dance within whispering clouds:


Secret sharing, Tender touching

Flowing eloquence, Spaceless dance.

Like ancient wisdom traversing time;

Like hearty laughter carried by breeze.


Day’s last life-giving light

Flows from your breast,

Emanates from the tips

Of majestic, golden wings;

Contrasting, coexisting

With your hunger.


Your luminous eyes

Pierce wafting clouds.

Your prey lunges

From calm to mosquito

Betraying his troutsoul

To talons.


Above, your lover shrieks:

a testament to your Riotous Power,

Sensuous strength

Wild as night.


Sun illumines

Your hasty retreat.

Your own exertion-heartbeat

Matches the fearful one of your will-be feast.


Light and Dark surround you,

are United within you.

So the clouds teach you,

I learn from you.

Sister, Mother, Lover

Survivor, Teacher, Dark One.


As I hunger for your nourishment,

I thank Spirit for your gift.

Within your darkened shadow lies

Creation’s Essence

Compassion too

Once darkness becomes a friend.


Your darkness makes your light

More brilliant still.

I ascend to your light

Witness your strength

Understand your sweet darkness

Accept my own darkness too

Abandon my fear of passion



Copyright © 2017 Denise L. Sheehan, LLC – All rights reserved

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