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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Socha Says: Importance of Grounding

Socha speaks from Red Rocks in California on the importance of grounding in our spiritual evolution. Grounding is a way of connecting with earth-energies through our root chakra, the energy center each of us has at the base of our … Continue reading

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Suprasexual Evolution

The species has entered the next phase of our journey, the menopause of our existence, where our creativity will turn less physical and more spiritual. The planet needs more wisdom now, more than it needs more children. Men and women … Continue reading

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Socha Says: Emergency, Emergence, Evolution

In another uplifting transmission, Socha speaks this time on the role of emergency in emergence and evolution. This transmission is as much about energy as information. In some private sessions, Socha sent beams of healing rainbow light to assist with … Continue reading

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Special Holiday-Season Gift and Relief Offers

In gratitude for your love and support, I would like to offer these specials, valid if purchased by January 1, 2013. All services are offered in-person in the Reno area or by phone/Skype for distance sessions. I provide attractive gift … Continue reading

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Impermanence, Fear and “The Work”

Hiking at Red Rocks this weekend, Dana and I noticed a powerful juxtaposition. We could feel the ancientness of the rocks, vivid and vibrant in red, orange, yellow, and white. We could also see and feel the junipers, pines, sage … Continue reading

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