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Impermanence, Fear and “The Work”

Hiking at Red Rocks this weekend, Dana and I noticed a powerful juxtaposition. We could feel the ancientness of the rocks, vivid and vibrant in red, orange, yellow, and white. We could also see and feel the junipers, pines, sage … Continue reading

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Being at Choice

Everyone asks me, What’s going to happen? I don’t know. What will you choose to do? ~ Proterrian During the Bruka Theatre’s delightful Valentine’s Day production of “Love Squared,” a character in the scene “Breakfast One” demonstrated his obsession with … Continue reading

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Planning in a World of Transition

I’ve been discussing transition and transformation in my former two blogs. As many know, I’m the consummate planner. FranklinCovey trainings and products pushed me over the edge from planning-obsessive to planning-accomplished.  But what of planning now in this age of … Continue reading

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