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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Reiki Ethics, Roles & Responsibilities

Though I originally intended to write this article for our Reiki students, I actually think that the principles here can be thought-provoking to anyone, and may be of value to those looking for a Reiki practitioner for sessions or a … Continue reading

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A quote for your pondering, as a follow-up to last week’s blog post: If you know on a deep level that the person you’re attracted to is a mirror of yourself, you cannot be overly dependent on him or her … Continue reading

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Living and Loving our Divine Feminine and Masculine

Each of us has male and female energies within us. I believe that one of the most important challenges we have in this world is to develop these energies fully, so they can interact in harmony with each other. ~ … Continue reading

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Socha Says: Soul Contracts

This video-post has been about four months in the making. We had some technical difficulties with the audio track, but with Dana Nöllsch’s persistence, we now have Socha’s thoughts on soul contracts. All in divine timing, right? With our current … Continue reading

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