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Socha Says: Soul Contracts

This video-post has been about four months in the making. We had some technical difficulties with the audio track, but with Dana Nöllsch’s persistence, we now have Socha’s thoughts on soul contracts. All in divine timing, right? With our current … Continue reading

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The Prophetess & High Priest

  One day a couple of years ago, while meditating I met a former version of my spirit, whom I call the “Prophetess.” I became aware of the Prophetess during conversations with my Reiki Master Teacher, Laura Bruno, who reads … Continue reading

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Trickster… Transformation

What do you do when you are guided to believe that nothing can be done in the practical, physical realm, and that the only solutions lie in the spiritual or energetic realm? On January 23 and 24, 2013, I encountered … Continue reading

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