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The Prophetess & High Priest


photo by Dana Nollsch www.photozen.us

photo by Dana Nollsch www.photozen.us

One day a couple of years ago, while meditating I met a former version of my spirit, whom I call the “Prophetess.” I became aware of the Prophetess during conversations with my Reiki Master Teacher, Laura Bruno, who reads past lives.  In that former life of old-testament era, as Prophetess, I was greatly exploited by my father to feed our family. I was very outspoken, and what I shared was very much against the grain of established society and the teachings of the Hebrew High Priest that resided in our village. The High Priest, in this incarnation by the way, is one of my dearest beloveds. He was ordered to execute me as heretic or witch, which he did, but not before he fell in love with me and not before he realized that what I prophesied held more truth than what he lived and taught his entire life.

During my meditation that day, I fell into a vision. I received the Prophetess as a gift in a jeweled treasure chest. She emerged and stood before me when I released the latch and opened the lid. We embraced and then became inseparable, arms about each other’s waists as if lovers who cannot bear separation for even a moment. We journeyed together, elated with one another’s company, into another realm, walking along in the wood, choosing a path into the mountains, and entering a breathtaking sun-illuminated temple. There we met ascended masters, such as Buddha, Jesus, Kuan Yin, and our beloved masters of Reiki, Drs. Usui and Hiyashi, Mrs. Takata, plus an infinite number of angels. Still, Prophetess and I remained joined as we greeted these enlightened beings, beings of love and light.

I received intuitive guidance to release Prophetess into the guardianship of the ascended masters. My ego balked! How could I release her? I just found her? I haven’t remembered all there is to remember of that life? Surely I haven’t figured out all the mysteries born in that life that still play out in this one. “Let her go,” I heard. And so I did. We kissed and hugged goodbye, and I watched as she ascended with the others, just as luminous as the others who embraced her.

In this life, I was tasked with healing the echo of the Prophetess in my life. One way of doing this was to lose my fear of speaking my truth. This involved risking expression of my most authentic self, even if who I am runs contrary to convention and my culture. I made amazing strides in this during the past couple of years. I celebrate all that I’ve been and become! And I know that there is a deeper journey awaiting. Socha guides me to channel messages well beyond my comfort zone, and so they will emerge to find you soon. What was once trapped inside of me – a symbol of my voice in this world, of social constraints that confined me, and of psychic capacities – was freed to enter the realm of the world.

I no longer have to carry the burdens, challenges and pain of the Prophetess within me. She and I are both freed to become all that we are in the realm of endless potential. In freeing her, I agreed to relinquish my control on my very life! “They will, not mine, be done in my life.” I have since been so much freer and more vibrant.

What mythic archetypes do you envision as running through your life?

In what ways do they suggest the need for healing?

In what ways do they illuminate your potential?

How will you allow that archetype to exist in service to your higher self?

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