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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Guest Blog Post from Camilla Downs: Dear Meltdown: Welcome, & Meet my Friend Mindfulness.

Today we have a treat from a beautiful angel-in-earthsuit in our community, Camilla Downs. Her journey into consciousness and conscious parenting has been remarkable, for sure. What I love about Camilla is her open-heartedness in sharing through social media. I … Continue reading

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Denise & Dana’s Spring Soirée: With Birthday Celebration for Gene Poplin’s 60th

Remember last summer’s soirée? It seems that the further we follow the path of Spirit, the more we enjoy a sense of community we never imagined (for a couple of semi-hermit introverts). We’ve enjoyed ALL the gentle, wild, loving, and … Continue reading

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Hearts, Portals to Love, Stargates & Tipis

Being willing to lead with a tender, vulnerable heart reigns as champion-gift for ourselves and others. May you see others’ true hearts today. Bigger still, may you be willing to be seen, feeling the warmth of the sun kiss your … Continue reading

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