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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Spiritual Partnership: New Paradigm Love & Community

  Love is a state of being and not so much an emotion. ~ Dana Nöllsch Our relationship to relationship evolves – just as we evolve, just as everything else in our world seems to be transforming right before our … Continue reading

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Dance of Desire in Relating

While we breathe, live, and love, we also dream and desire. It’s the creative impulse born through us. We are one with the dance of the divine that stimulates change, growth and our alignment with our destinies. I’m sharing this … Continue reading

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Letting Venus Be Our Muse for Conscious, Creative, Authentic Relating

As crafty Venus plays hide-and-seek in the underworld, we may ponder what that means for we little humans shimmering in our own way from way below her. Kaypacha  shares in his January 7 Pele Report: We’re all diving down into … Continue reading

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6 Traits of Amazing Mentors (and why you need one)

Today we have a guest blog post from Deirdre Danahar of InMotion Consulting & Coaching. I met Deirdre many years ago when we worked for sister regional centers under federal contract. She worked in the Southern region, and me in … Continue reading

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