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SoulPath & The Autumn Equinox

The equinox is a time to honor endings and embrace new beginnings. The equinox creates a portal for aligning with our higher purpose, individually and globally. In the autumn of the northern hemisphere, we transition from external thrust to internal … Continue reading

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Letting Venus Be Our Muse for Conscious, Creative, Authentic Relating

As crafty Venus plays hide-and-seek in the underworld, we may ponder what that means for we little humans shimmering in our own way from way below her. Kaypacha  shares in his January 7 Pele Report: We’re all diving down into … Continue reading

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“Losing It” and Allowing

So many people feel as if they are “losing it” lately, experiencing rapid rates of change and a little more confusion than feels comfortable. To offer some support, I would like to share with you a video from Tom Lescher … Continue reading

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