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Letting Venus Be Our Muse for Conscious, Creative, Authentic Relating

Photo by Dana Nollsch www.PhotoZen.us

Photo by Dana Nollsch www.PhotoZen.us

As crafty Venus plays hide-and-seek in the underworld, we may ponder what that means for we little humans shimmering in our own way from way below her. Kaypacha  shares in his January 7 Pele Report:

We’re all diving down into the underworld of our unfelt feelings these next couple weeks. Let it up and let it out and don’t make it too real. This period can best be described as “weird” so don’t get too “weirded out”! I suggest it is all about “enlarging your space”….. we all need to give ourselves a bit more room to move, feel, react, and release….. take some time to yourself, for yourself and let others have their space, too…. Self knowledge sometimes costs but is well worth the price in the end. ~ Kaypacha

In just about all of my client sessions this past week or more, clients have been working through BIG relationship themes, not just in romantic relationships, but in professional, familial, friendships and more. As uncomfortable as this journey to the underworld may be for some of us, with all the feelings and questioning, this is an incredible opportunity to ponder what security means to us, how we relate to an ever-changing world rich in scarcity-consciousness, and how we create our own sense of security. This is also a time of deepest exploration around our authenticity and how we choose to live by our values, especially as we show up in relationships. This is a time for faith too, that we will come into an even greater space, even if it feels like there’s loss here now.

Put yourself out there in all your truth – that’s one way of finding out who your friends are. ~ Kaypacha

As many of you know, I have not always picked the easy path for relationships. I truly value conscious, creative, authentic relating, even if the path takes me beyond the social conditioning of days-of-old. I often have to create the treasure map while I’m busy driving. I know that even I am having my comfort-zone rocked and my value system challenged, and I am willing to go more deeply into myself to ensure that I am living my Truth, rather than succumbing to my fears. I also feel the great beauty and magic, the blossoming potential that’s here now, as I remain present, surrender to what is, allow my feelings to flow, and embrace healing and transformation at the deepest levels of my being. Never before have my dreams been more vibrant and demanding. Never before has my guidance been so specific, nurturing and comforting. Never before have I felt more supported by those who truly “get me.” Even the tender, fragile love that invokes that deepest sense of vulnerability… even the loves of hello… even the loves of transformation… they all enrich my soul and spirit in the deepest of ways, and I yearn for even more of this tenderness and beauty, this utter transparency, this powerful desire…

If you are also experiencing intensity right now, I send you love and healing blessings. We are all in this together, and it’s so wonderful when someone reminds me of the divinity I am when I lose my way. And so I see yours too, when you have lost your way. If you are riding these currents with ease, I celebrate with you!

Kaypacha proposes this mantra:

As the pelican flies high into the sky, Then dives for food in the sea, I need to remember that the Great Mother, Is always providing for me.

I’ve embedded the video of Kaypacha’s report. If you want to pass on the astrological aspects and jump right into the interpretation, begin the video at about five minutes.

Which of your relationships feel safe for authenticity and for speaking your truth?

How could you show up even bigger in your relationships?



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