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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Love in Concentric Circles

The Greatest Lie we ever told ourselves is that we are separate from one another. This tender truth is one that Laura Plato, our ceremonialist minister for our wedding, used to begin and end our wedding. Here’s a guiding vision … Continue reading

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Denise’s Organic Vegan Reiki-Love Soup

I often serve a variation of this soup at our Reiki workshops here at OdaBe, and I’ve been asked for the recipe more than once. So here it is, in it’s rough and humble form. Ingredients are organic. Measurements are … Continue reading

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Shamans of Olden Times; Shamans Now

Shamans of Olden Times; Shamans Now The shaman archetype in turning-over or troubled times has been coming up for me frequently in my dreams, visions and even in past-life readings for myself and others, especially for spiritual entrepreneurs. Whether it’s … Continue reading

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