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SoulPath & The Autumn Equinox

Copper Cat Studio, Katie Packham

Copper Cat Studio, Katie Packham

The equinox is a time to honor endings and embrace new beginnings. The equinox creates a portal for aligning with our higher purpose, individually and globally. In the autumn of the northern hemisphere, we transition from external thrust to internal focus. The new moon is a time to focus on new intentions and to embrace change. The following are key themes of the recent Autumn Equinox (Monday, September 22 at 7:59PM PDT) and New Moon (Tuesday, September 23 at 11:13 PM PDT) from Power Path School of Shamanism, Symbolic Living, and Threshold Consulting through the lens of my own intuition and interpretation. May these bits of wisdom help you to align and to create ease in the months to come, working with the energies of the stars and cosmos.

We are stardust; we are golden. And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden. ~ Joni Mitchell

Healing the past: It’s time to release our fears of letting go, survival, and surrender to allow greater expressions of the divine to flow through us.  We can choose to leave behind what does not serve us, along with ghosts of the past, in order to harness our power, climb towards our goals and move forward with the fresh start. Self-analysis will help in our healing journeys and increase our emotional well-being. Here we may learn to take responsibility for healing ourselves, leading to a personal metamorphosis, which in turn leads to healthier relationships. The upcoming eclipses offer opportunities to clear and reset your energy field.

Communications: Our filters around personal needs can impede intimacy in that we are limited in what we hear others say and limited in an unconditionally loving response. We may notice some tendencies toward co-dependency, and giving with expectations of receiving. Ideally, we want to promote independence in our relationships. Conversations are likely to be powerful, deep and intense as individual needs, desires and values are reflected upon and shared with significant others.  People from the past may show up to remind us of old relationship dynamics. Find the courage to speak from your heart and the patience and maturity to listen to others whole-heartedly.

Harmony in relating: Libra supports us in creating balance, cooperation and fairness in relating. We may notice where we give too much or not enough, remembering to be compassionate with ourselves and others as we explore. What we do and how we act demonstrates how we value ourselves and others, and reflects who we are. It’s also a good time to simply be real, be honest and be yourself without having to apologize for your faults. Our culture tends to convey to us that all our needs will be met when the “right person” comes along. Of course, this is a high expectation to project onto a mere mortal, and we are destined for disappointment if we pursue this type of thinking.

Embrace reality: We are supported in letting go of idealized thinking, in order to see things realistically. Let go of denial, which is choosing not to see at all. See others as they truly are, remembering that ALL human beings are imperfect.  Life is imperfect.  We’re all EVOLVING. Embrace change and welcome it with ease!

Advocacy: This new moon symbolizes the need for a greatly expanded vision of caring, cooperation and collaboration, not conflict and competition, to overcome global struggles. There will be enhanced desire in some to voice and demonstrate a strong opinion especially relating to justice, human rights, animals rights, environmentalism, politics and subjects that draw on heartstrings regarding right and wrong.

Because the energies of Libra and Scorpio are focusing much of our energies on the deepest aspects of relationships, I thought this would be a wonderful time to revisit Socha’s thoughts on soul contracts. May this reminder help you to see with Eagle eyes and to heal your deepest wounds of the past.


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