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Drama, Healing, Whole-ing & Compassion

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Has anyone noticed an up-swing in drama lately? Not even just the made-up stuff, but huge life-changing stuff too where, well, who could judge? We are collectively experiencing such wild tides of change. Even those with the smoothest rides are impacted by others and their wild responses to dramatic surprises and upheavals. The Universe conspires to offer us consciousness of whatever wounds of the past we may yet carry in the secret spaces of our minds, as they beg for final witnessing and releasing. Sound easy? I see plenty of evidence to the contrary.

When you’re swept away in the tides of drama and you feel your pain-body activated, it may be helpful to remember that when we signed up for our human experiences in these times of dramatic shifts in consciousness and circumstances, we didn’t sign up for perfection-of-expression. Perhaps letting ourselves and others off the hook, we all might find greater peace within and without.

I’d rather be whole than good. ~ Carl Jung

Peace out. I loves ya.

I haven’t seen the movie, “Frozen,” but this video gives me happy chills of inspiration. May the music and images incite your spirit to boundlessness…

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