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“Losing It” and Allowing

So many people feel as if they are “losing it” lately, experiencing rapid rates of change and a little more confusion than feels comfortable. To offer some support, I would like to share with you a video from Tom Lescher of New Paradigm Astrology . I have really come to enjoy Tom’s weekly Pele Report, and I offer the latest for your viewing here. Note, if you prefer not to listen to the astrological aspects and get right into the interpretation, begin at 4:30 minutes.

This report addresses long-range aspects that I’ve been experiencing and witnessing for others. Have you noticed that things are happening in your personal life, as well as in our collective experience, that challenge your perceptions, beliefs, and stories of the way things are in the world? The very way that we structure our personal experience of reality in our minds is being restructured, challenging our sense of stability in the world.

Are you experiencing change in your ideas about relationships, jobs, family, business, partnerships, and more?

Are you finding yourself questioning the way you tell stories of your past and how much your version still carries an impact (and sometimes not in a good way)?

In the falling away of what we’ve thought we’ve known, we may find a powerful opportunity to create a brand new paradigm of what life may be. In times like these, we have an opportunity to think more with our hearts than with our logical, linear minds. We may feel more intuitive and trusting of our gut instincts. Even though our world doesn’t seem to make much sense these days, our ego would encourage us to look for and rely upon logic as a way of creating a sense of stability. However, the real power lies in embracing change, which is, of course, inevitable. Embracing change allows our vibration levels to grow higher, our happiness quotient to grow exponentially. We may feel more “spaced out” than usual as our vibrations rise. It’s ok! It’s part of the process.

When you have trusted your heart-wisdom and benefited?

Where do you notice your thoughts getting in the way of happiness?

How might you create a better way of being in the world by eliminating old beliefs and stories?

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