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Socha Says: Role of Authenticity in our Global Evolution

We have another “Socha Says” to share with you today, containing a gentle but profound message on the roles that authenticity and oneness play in our evolution.

If you missed the information on Socha, click here.

Socha touches on the role of health and self-nurturing in the video. Since the filming, Socha has shared more detail on this theme that I would like to share with any of you who are interested and may feel called to follow all or part of Socha’s recommendations.

Socha suggests that in honor of the new moon (Monday, October 15 at 5:03am PDT), we symbolically release any addictions or attachments we may have to people, places, beliefs or objects that no longer serve us. We may want to have a candle ceremony, journal our thoughts, or state our intentions to a trusted friend. This is a powerful practice for any new moon, by the way.

Then, from now until the full moon (Monday, October 29 at 12:50pm PDT), Socha encourages us to eat as healthily as possible in order to build up our strength and vibrancy. We may also want to create a new vision board with all we could like to call into our lives. During these two weeks, as much as possible, we may want to focus our thoughts, choices and behaviors only on that which we desire to call into our lives. As the moon waxes, allow these particularly powerful forces of the universe to create waxing of that which we desire. We may want to include our visions for global peace, for honoring the earth, etc. Why not? Then have another full moon ceremony to lock in who we are becoming and what we are co-creating in this big, beautiful world!

What would you like to release?

What ceremony or ritual will best serve you in this transition?

How will you align your choices to nurture who you are becoming?

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