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Socha Says: Spirit Guides

As a child, I could dream-journey each night to preview the events of the future day. I believed my world to be a frightening place, and I asked God for help. The dreams came, I thought, in response to my prayer. Each morning, I would review the dreams and encourage myself, “that’s not so bad; I can do this.”

Over time I grew to trust the dreams, in their presence and accuracy. I told one of my well-meaning parents. “That’s impossible,” I heard in response. Poof! The dreams vanished! What a testament to the power of social conditioning! But by then my confidence had grown. Perhaps I no longer needed this advantage.

Still, my intuitive self has always remained sensitive. I would perceive when someone I loved felt hurt, even if they were miles away. I sometimes experienced precognition in my waking world. I learned to channel my higher self in my journal, asking a question and then receiving information from a much smarter perspective than I thought possible.

In 2006 in began to learn and to channel Reiki energies. I explored my relationship with spirit guides, particularly identifying with the energies of Kuan Yin. She is considered the goddess of compassion, or similar to a female Buddha. I would offer her distance Reiki to establish a connection with her, and then I asked for her guidance and support in my own healing journey. I often found great insights in our Reiki and healing exchanges. I could feel the nuances of her energy, sometimes even within my own body.

In coach training, we learn to hone our intuition, and to reframe our insights into questions for our clients. This process takes the coaching into much deeper realms of exploration. In my coaching practice, I became conscious of my spirit guides communicating with those of my clients. Images and stories come through that I am meant to share with my clients. These stories often have no meaning for me, but they somehow always provoke some great understanding in my clients.

Fast forward to a few months ago. I follow a coach named Eva Gregory through her ezine and Facebook. I felt guided to enroll in her course, “Guidance on Demand.” I have since experienced brilliant awakenings and deeper connections with several of my guides. One is Socha. Before knowing his/her name, a clairvoyant friend mentioned that she saw a tall, luminous healing guide standing to my left. I could feel powerful, uplifting healing energies from this guide empowering my Reiki energies.

Eva coached me to talk to this guide, to ask for a name and other information. “Socha” is pronounced like Soka. Socha is neither male nor female, plus the energies feel like a blending of my spirit guides, like a representative of a committee. So I refer to Socha as “they.” They have experiences of Lemuria, the heart-consciousness place that served as the Pacific Ocean version of Atlantis, but Socha’s much older than Lemuria. They are a stream of Source energy, very high-vibrational and altruistic, sent here to help with the evolution of our planet.

Today I share the first video of Socha communicating through my voice. This edition of “Socha Says” reflects on the role of sprit guides in our conscious evolution. On this huge day for us, “Socha” goes public. As with any information you find on the Internet, I believe in using discernment, choosing to explore what feels right and resonant with you. Having said that, I hope you enjoy the energies and the content! I’ve added some questions below for you to ponder as well.

What is your “higher self” to you?

What are your thoughts and experiences around the existence of spirit guides, angels, and other non-physical energies?

What are your processes for accessing information from sources greater than yourself?

How would your life be different if you had greater access to your spirit guides?

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