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Socha Says: Relationships

We have another “Socha Says” video to offer you today, this one focused on what seems to be a hot topic for so many in our world these days: personal and professional relationships. This one was filmed during a Labor Day weekend hike in the mountains at the old railroad tunnels above Donner Lake in California. When I feel a persistent edginess, I know that Socha is desirous of having a say. And so it was that day. Dana PhotoZen Nollsch  happened to have a camera and an encouraging word for me and for Socha. If you missed our introduction to Socha and would like to learn more, please click here.

This message challenged me, as in Denise, in several ways. As a channel I relinquish control of the message. In other words, I get to practice something I’ve been exploring in great depth during my spiritual journey of late: surrender. I noticed some intriguing uses of language that mirror teachings I have acquired from authors and mentors. What is the meaning of this and how do I cite involved works? Do channels tend to agree with everything in the messages they convey? What if there are omissions in the context of the information? I will address some of these for clarity.

On the topic of language, I noticed phrases coming from Socha that are very familiar to me and that echo teachings that I’ve been guided to follow for many years. I intuited that my guides have indeed led me to these critical teachings over the years, and that they borrow from my language to share information. I checked in with my coach, Eva Gregory, about this, and she shared:

Your guides use your language, words, and lexicon to relay their messages and use metaphors etc. that are in alignment with your own understanding. Although you may hold limiting beliefs your guides do not, for the most part you attract guides that have similar interests as you, much like the friends you attract.

Because I was an English major, and I continue to be a stickler for citations, I would like to cite several people for coining phrases and concepts that are dear to me and that show up in this transmission:

  • “Relationdance” comes from Mark Michael Lewis, author of Relationdancing.
  • “Mystics in Monasteries” comes from Carolyn Myss, Medical Intuitive, Author, and International Speaker.
  • “Walk in faith” mirrors the three steps for evolution as told by Proterrian and channeled through Tim Glenn. The three steps are 1) come from a loving heart; 2) put one foot in front of the other; 3) walk in faith. I live by these steps to my best ability and I highly regard these teachings.
  • The concept of experiencing the world while inhabiting one another’s’ bodies has also been discussed by Proterrian.
  • The roles of contrast and desire are also discussed in the law of attraction literature presented by Abraham as channeled by Esther Hicks and others.

I would like to note that Socha encourages us to abandon tradition in favor of authenticity. Initially when I heard this, I startled a bit because I perceived a judgment around tradition. I believe that for some, tradition and authenticity may find a perfect marriage. But I believe that it’s important for us all to have the freedom to question what we learn in our life, and to determine whether our social conditioning reflects our personal values in a way that will allow us to be at peace within ourselves. As you all know, I am a huge fan of authenticity, and that shows up differently for us all. Isn’t that what makes this world so beautiful, our diversity?

Socha knows that I have a very thorough understanding, at least in theory, of the role of shadows, projection and fantasy. You may explore these more in these blog posts if you feel the need to catch up on these concepts: Shadow Dance  and Conscious Evolution Tip – Bringing our Energy into Present Time.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to Socha to coming to and through me. In the messages, I always find validation in some ways. I always learn something surprising as well. In Socha’s personal, private messages to me, I find Socha becoming more and more playful, more willing to challenge me and my beliefs. I find this enormously valuable. Perhaps you will also be validated and challenged by what you learn from Socha. So it is the path for our growth!

Socha and Denise send you wishes for infinite blessings and joy in relating!

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