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Relating & New World Paradigm

Photo by Dana Nollsch, www.photozen.us

Photo by Dana Nollsch, www.photozen.us

In these tumultuous winds of change, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. We are all doing deep soul work. Honoring all journeys, without judgment or blame, and in complete recognition that all is well, will bring peace, joy and expansion in the aftermath of this amazing storm. ~ Socha

Intense, tense, drama, change, danger, anger… How did you fair the full moon energies of last week? From the nature of conversations with friends, clients, students, and more, there’s been a whole lot happening with energies in general and with relationships in particular. As many of you know, I too have gone through many changes of late in my relationships. All is well, and as a beloved friend says, “We may not always experience easy things, but we can embrace it all with ease.” I need uplifting reminders and guidance from time to time, sailing the sometimes rough seas of emotional changes, so I thought I would share the following information.

I’ve embedded Kaypacha’s Pele Report for March 27. In it, he talks quite a bit about the intensity of the full moon energies, along with other astrological portents. Beginning about 7:11 minutes, he begins to talk about relationship dynamics and changes. He balances out messages of intensity with those of sound guidance and faith. Socha too has talked about relationship paradigm changes before.


Here are a few highlights:

  • It’s a sign of the times to experience changes in commitment, control and relationships. This is a time of breaking free and liberating. Conversely we may be forced to become liberated and independent. It is time to stand in our power. Break free. Go into new territory. Get curious. Explore. Educate.
  • Old paradigm relationships were based on need and security, clinging and dependency. In the new paradigm, we become more sovereign. We are learning to meet our own needs, to be our own mother, and to be our own father. Practice self-love, trusting the connection to infinite Source. Then we can be in relationship simply for the joy of it. We become the fountain of love, life, and giving. Coming from this consciously loving place, we can enter new paradigm relationships.
  • When going through transition, leaving behind relationships that no longer serve our spirit, remember to come from a place of gratitude. Trust in Spirit to orchestrate our evolution.
  • Mantra: “Just when I thought it was over, and I could finally settle down, life continues to challenge me, to rise up and hold my ground!”
  • Oh, and check out the adorable sloth at the end of the video. The gentleness of this beautiful creature makes my heart smile so big!

What are you learning about yourself as you experience your current relationships?

What subtle or deep transitions do you notice?

What are you learning about your relationship-style preferences?

Who do you want to BE from this point forward in your relationships?

How will you come deeper into love and joy?

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