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Socha Sessions

During my wonderful journey of connecting with my guides more directly with the inspiring support of Eva Gregory and her guides, Theos, my spirit guides, Socha, and I offered several private sessions to Eva’s clients/students. In each call, Socha connects with the spirit guides of the client. Then Socha comes through me to offer reflections on questions that are unique and personal to the clients. This kind of loving support can be so helpful in these times of enormous transition and transformations! So I feel guided to offer this support to you as well. I would love to share with you the loving insights I am receiving from my guides!

To prepare for a session, clients think of one or two questions. Channeled information isn’t about predicting the future, which isn’t set and we are always at choice. Questions don’t have to be specific, as in yes/no or short answer questions. In fact, it’s often much more powerful to leave the space wide open as we may receive ideas we never considered before. It’s great to have questions from more than one area of life.

During our session, we all check in about expectations. I then open sacred space. Clients ask question(s), and then clients and Socha engage in some exchange around the question(s) until the client feels complete with the guidance. We plan to spend about 30-45 minutes in session, connecting through phone or Skype. One client shared the following after our session:

Thank you, Denise. I felt such a strong connection and grounding during our session. Answers were felt in my heart while you were channeling them. You offered so much clarity while channeling. I felt soooo relaxed and joyful. Thank you for helping me to speak to my guides and allowing me to feel the connection. Warmly, FE – Toronto, Canada

The guided messages can come in many forms but they are always loving and supportive. I notice that Socha honors me and the way I work with guidance in several ways. Socha and I intend to experience only messages that we are meant to share. We don’t pry. That sometimes means that we ask clarifying questions to get to the heart of what we’re meant to share. We know that the best wisdom comes from within, so that we sometimes also include coaching questions to tease out the inner knowing of clients in addition to providing outright guidance. Socha has also been known to include gentle distance healing energies as needed.

If you are interested in a “Socha Session,” they are available through the end of October at a special rate of $55 for 45 minutes. Contact me, denise@sagespiritcoaching.com if you’d like additional information or to schedule a session.

What inner wisdom continually eludes you?

What bit of knowing would help to ease your journey?

What would you like to ask Socha or your own spirit guides or angels?

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