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Distractions, Zombies and Spirit Magic: What to Choose?

A common theme for spiritual teachers and teachings involves an emphasis on spiritual alignment and growth in these magical, evolutionary times. Following our spiritual path can bring us a greater sense of ease and grace, flow and love, and even abundance! Socha, my Spirit Guide, says, “Follow your spiritual path, and the material will follow.” Socha is also sharing quite a bit about the role of distractions, which throw us off our spiritual paths. Perhaps this advice is only for me, as I’m so amazingly brilliant at engaging my distractions! But I am guided to share anyway. So today we will look at distractions as they relate to our spiritual journeys in just a bit of depth.

Distractions can include anything or anyone who inhibits our spiritual journey. We may harbor beliefs, patterns, relationships, habits or addictions that inhibit our growth for as long as we fail to learn from them. We all entertain these on some levels as part of the human condition. At some point we may choose to explore these patterns and the inner workings of our minds, to observe the choices they prompt us to make. We may want to incorporate the gifts these patterns bring into our wisdom-base, as we have much to learn from everything in our experience, and much to celebrate as we grow and evolve. At some point, we may choose to release the patterns, or at least their influence and control over our choices and lives.

Who or what serves as distraction for you these days?

In what ways have these distractions been serving you?

How might your life be different if you freed yourself?

It’s important to keep in mind that other people’s distractions may alter our paths as well. Have you noticed that some people seem to be walking-zombies of late, sans Halloween makeup? Perhaps the rate of change in their lives creates so much stress that they just can’t be present. Unfortunately zombies are in the cross-walks, riding bikes down busy streets, and driving cars! They may be us (I’ve had my moments) or someone close to us! Now more than ever it’s important for us to be hyper-sensitive to our surroundings.

Remember too that some people are looking for a way to leave this existence and hurry into another that’s hopefully easier than navigating these extreme levels of change. A friend committed suicide recently. Another acquaintance experienced a fatal accident. If we happen to be caught in their (or our own) wheel of karma around this, forgive them and forgive ourselves! Then become present once more.

How can you foster more presence in your life?

What will you let go of to allow yourself more presence?

So, enough about distractions. What is this thing called “spiritual journey”? Ah, now that’s a much bigger discussion. Since it’s unique to each of us and ever evolving, there are no easy ways to address this in a blog post. Part of the spiritual journey involves embracing our own sensitivity to the magic of the Universe. It also involves hearing and heeding spiritual guidance. More importantly, it involves allowing our unique gifts to shine through us and into the world. As we reduce our engagement with distractions, so much wonder, joy and love becomes available to us!You may begin or continue your exploration by contemplating these questions:

What is spirituality to you?

Who are you as a spiritual being?

What does your spiritual-self desire to create and experience right now?

How can you align your choices to allow your fullest expression of spirituality?

Where do you find support for your spiritual journey?

I would be honored to support you on your journey… with blog posts, sessions, workshops, and more! Many of us are receiving intuitive insights to let go of this job, that relationship, etc. It takes courage and support to let go of what no longer serves us, trusting that the spiritual gifts will flow as a result. I am happy to help as part of your spiritual support team!

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