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Trickster… Transformation

What do you do when you are guided to believe that nothing can be done in the practical, physical realm, and that the only solutions lie in the spiritual or energetic realm? On January 23 and 24, 2013, I encountered an amazing mystery through the portal of profound sadness and suffering. This is my story, honoring the spirit of Trickster, or Sister/Brother Coyote, and all-of-life.


What do you take away from this story?

How can you elevate your problems to the spiritual realm for efficient resolution?

What tools do you need to succeed?

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3 Responses to Trickster… Transformation

  1. DanaMeister says:

    Denise, Sister Shaman, Sister Coyote, what a moving & beautiful rendition of what must have been a traumatic experience. The world is blessed by people like you & me that can engage spirit and play our small part in the evolution of Light & Love on this magical plane of humanity blending Spirit.

    Our brother Coyote was caught in the expression of human cruelties that are perpetuated by fear and ignorance of how truly connected we ALL are to each and everything. Our Brother / Sister Coyote was blessed to have drawn to itself a earthly Angel capable of the most loving caring and compassion.
    Blessings Be, DanaMeister

  2. Thank you, DanaMeister, for your sweet and thoughtful words. Thank you, too, for supporting my own growth, evolution, and expression through the years, and for your support in BEing with this amazing journey. Blessings be.

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