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Conscious Evolutionary Tip – Contraction and Expansion

Stone Goddess

During our conscious evolutionary journeys, we experience phases of contraction and expansion. When we feel particularly energy sensitive or when we feel that we’re engaged in deep processing and cleansing, we may contract, or pull our energy inward to support our shift or growth spurt. We may notice that crowds drain us, and that people who are angry or hurt seem to drain our energy more in these times than at other times. In times of contraction, it’s important to honor ourselves and allow the enfoldment, just the way children know to sleep and eat more before a growth spurt. If we tend ourselves well, we will soon experience a time of expansion.

We tend to favor the feeling of expansion, of unconditional love and resilience, and of enduring energy supporting our projects, desires, and dreams. We effortlessly engage the law of attraction. We feel good all the way into our bones. However, both contraction and expansion nourish our bodies, minds, spirits, and souls. Both are essential to our evolutionary journey. Without contraction we could never expand beyond our former container, experiencing enhanced creativity, love, and deepest connection with our soul-purpose. We need to enter the cocoon in order to transmute or evolve.

These phases create tricky waters indeed. When in a phase of expansion, we set in motion many creative projects, only to find ourselves faced with overwhelming deadlines in our contraction phase. These are opportunities to learn much about ourselves and our base programs.

What dreams and projects really fill my heart’s desires?

Which feel like honoring others at my own expense?

What can I do to nurture and nourish myself in times of contraction that best fill my reserves?

What people, places, and situations tend to zap my energy?

How do I want to prioritize my ventures to align with my soul path?

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