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Expansion, Contraction and the Dance-of-Destiny

A couple of years ago, I shared a blog post on Expansion and Contraction. What I am noticing now is that bursts of expansion are provoking clouds of contraction so quickly and profoundly. I wish it was just me, but I’m witnessing it in client session after client session as well.

We tend to favor the more expressive, opening energies of expansion – when we’re blossoming, enjoying company, sharing wisdom, all while feeling inspired, creative, joyful and giving. That’s all delight, however, as we emerge more deeply into Mercury Retrograde (since last week and into the next few weeks), we may also allow time for contraction – for solitude, inquiry, discovery, and a re-gathering of our ideas and energies. Contraction is an essential component of expansion.

We are inspired by the heavens now to dream big. You may review Socha’s thoughts in the video below. Remember that as you engage in the dreaming process, as you create your vision or destiny boards, as you share your passionate ideas in good company, and as you take a bold step into the life of your dreams, you may anticipate and embrace a whoosh of contraction, perhaps even with high doses of self-doubt or feelings of unworthiness. Rather than making yourself wrong for this, embrace it as a guiding-stone-of-wisdom on your path. Allow yourself to be with what is, and your confidence and inspiration will return in abundance. As needed, reach out for long-term support, in whatever way best feels your spirit ~ coach, spiritual mentor, trusted friend, and more.

Beautiful dreamers… Your visions enchant me so. May we all be empowered to live more deeply into our truest destinies, with our unbounded futures filled with all manner of abundance.



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