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Unity Consciousness

there are days…

when i feel my love rise up and through me, emanating through the cosmos, reaching you and you and you, tickling and dancing and flying… when i feel so connected to Source that i wonder that i might dissolve into non-physical on the spot… when i am near to tears with joy… when i quiver with something much bigger than passion or desire, with something only known at the soul level… when i know i may easily, effortlessly and with complete faith offer up all i am to you and you and you, to support and nurture, to love unconditionally.

love is the key, the door, the portal to all-that-is… i breathe all of you in and I share all i am with you…

no more words. only Love.

and then there are days…

when the energies around me feel chaotic and swirling,

where i may wonder if i even know who i am or who others are from one moment to another radically different kind of moment.

let me be here for you in these times of radical transformation, to hold space, to remind you of who you are becoming.

no more words. only Love.

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