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Mary Bennett of Bruka Theatre by Dana Nollsch www.photozen.us

Mary Bennett of Bruka Theatre by Dana Nollsch www.photozen.us

Spontaneous healing, manifestation and transformation will come when you are ready to release what you think you know of the way things are.~ Socha

Don’t get me wrong. I am a lover of words, especially those that go deep to share wisdom, love, beauty and Truth. But words form stories. Some stories bind us, keeping us firmly tethered to a view of our past that no longer serves us. Some stories free us, as we create new and empowered ways of framing our sense of reality.

I wonder, are words merely a stepping-stone in our evolution? As we evolve our telepathic capacities, will we learn to transmit pure thought, emotion, experience, and intention? Could it be that the heart-blending eye-gaze of lovers, sharing purely without words, is the Truest, most empathic and powerful form of communication? Are you ready for that level of transparency in each moment? With everyone? How will you prepare?

I choose the language of love, and while we live in the world of words, I choose conscious wording. I deeply release all I have known and believed. I celebrate my connection to Source. I embrace my conscious rebirth in each moment. Aho!

How do stories frame your reality?

Which stories serve to create a more blessed and loving viewpoint?

Which stories do you choose to honor and release today?

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