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Fireside Socha & Osho

Photo by Dana Nollsch www.photozen.us

Photo by Dana Nollsch www.photozen.us

On a dark, stormy night – at the first new moon of 2013 and on the eve of the year’s first Reiki I workshop – Dana Nöllsch and I enjoyed an indoor fire ceremony to honor earth-sky cycles and new beginnings. As we finished our chant and offerings to the fire, we closed our eyes and welcomed the ancestors of the land to visit our fire for healing. We felt their presence more vibrantly than at any fire I’ve experienced before. Their energies filled us with grace, joy and love. With so much expansion, we just had to invite Socha to come to play, resulting in a new video for you.

This variation on a “Socha Says” video serves several purposes. First, we observe a way to use Tarot to harvest messages from our guides. This has become a daily practice for me, along with journaling and more. Life flows so much more easily when I walk in the light of my daily guidance, holding a conscious vision of exactly where I desire to go.

Second, Socha offers a message that encourages celebration, while opening ourselves to further possibilities. They suggest that we align our heart-knowing with our intuition. They explore the role of the throat chakra (or energy center) in creativity and expression and in aligning our lives with our higher purpose.

Socha served another purpose that evening. Socha showed us how they were holding space for all the participants coming to the Reiki Level I Certification Workshop the next morning, so that they would be safe on the roads and enjoy the Reiki teachings.

Thank you, Socha! We are so honored by your love and loyalty, your protection and guidance. You are ALL THAT, Socha, and more!

What tools are most effective for you in accessing spiritual guidance?

What nudges do your heart-wisdom and intuition offer to you?

What conscious vision are you holding for you and your life now?

As a special offer through February 4, Socha and I are offering intuitive Tarot readings using the Rider-Waite and/or Osho Zen Tarot decks. Sessions may include an overall life spread for a comprehensive view of the influences you experience now. Or we may allow for a more flexible question-and-answer session, where we customize the guidance based on your most urgent questions. These sessions may be offered in-person, by phone, or on Skype. These 1-/12/ hour sessions are offered for only $111. Please contact me to schedule your session.

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