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Suprasexual Evolution

Photo by Dana Nollsch, http://www.photozen.us/

The species has entered the next phase of our journey, the menopause of our existence, where our creativity will turn less physical and more spiritual. The planet needs more wisdom now, more than it needs more children. Men and women need each other, at least as much as we ever did, but for a deeper experience than mere procreation or protection. We need to partner in consciousness now, to conceive the miraculous things of spirit. Our most potent needs are psychological and emotional, our most potent language is poetry and myth, and our most potent love is forgiveness and compassion. ~ Marianne Williamson

I love Marianne Williamson’s ideas on our evolution of life and love in Enchanted Love: The Mystical Power of Intimate Relationships (1999). She deeply explores the way that romantic love serves our psychological and spiritual expansion and evolution. Although I know of many amazing children and many more coming onto the planet at this time, I also know that our evolution relies on something much bigger and more profound that population growth. We benefit from these fresh souls with fresh perspectives, and we need so much more.

Several years ago, I read an essay by Barbara Marx Hubbard that had a profound effect on my emerging paradigm of “relationship.” Hubbard is the Executive Director of the “Foundation for Conscious Evolution.” She says, “Conscious evolution… can be experienced spiritually as the impulse to express the divine with ourselves; and, it is expressed socially as the desire for a life purpose that contributes to the healing of the world.” This is such a prominent theme in the work that I do, in the reason that many of my clients are drawn to me. And, of course, all are in relationships of many flavors and dynamics. It’s evident to me the dramatic role that relating plays in our conscious evolution.

In the essay I refer to above, “The Suprasexual Revolution” in the anthology, The Marriage of Sex and Spirit (2006), Hubbard talks about the changing role of the evolutionary woman and how she shows up in partnership. In my experience in working with clients and other evolutionary leaders, this applies just as much to men these days:

She senses what is emergent with herself and the world, and seeks to fulfill that greater potential. This new woman is awakened through the heart by Spirit. She wants to express her unique creativity and life purpose for the good of herself and the larger world. She is growing spiritually, and finds that her creativity is pressing her to evolve. Men and women everywhere are flipping a switch inside. If we are fortunate enough to have a partner whom we can join with creatively in some way, the creativity of each is enlarged exponentially. And that is a great blessing. The relationship does not have to be an intimate, romantic one… Suprasex is the joining of genius to give birth to a larger self, and to a work that contributes to the world. ~ Barbara Marx Hubbard

Several years ago, I began to dream of a time of profound co-creation with life and creative partners who would share in the vision of a world to come, a world of freedom, sustainability, and wildest spirituality emerging in diverse and vibrant forms. So it was that I began teaching Reiki with Dana Bratcher, my sweet and amazing partner at home and in support of Sage Spirit. How we delighted in learning Reiki together, as we do now in exploring shamanism and so many other avenues of spirituality and healing work. And what we learn, we love to share with others.

More recently, my life and expressions have expanded to include Dana Nollsch, a brilliant entrepreneur with a huge heart. Exactly how fine art, photography, and Sage Spirit offerings will blend, well that remains to be seen! But we are having such fun with Socha’s videos, adding photos to blog posts, Facebook sharing, and exploring many workshops and other offerings to come, including support for evolutionary entrepreneurs. In addition, Katie Packham and I will be offering workshops that blend spiritual exploration, Reiki, and creative expression. Katie is an amazing artist, art teacher, and Reiki Master. How exciting! 2013 is gonna rock!

When men and women join to co-create, we see the founding of the new family of humanity, dedicated to co-creating a new world equal to our spiritual, social, and scientific/technological capacities. ~ Barbara Marx Hubbard

I acknowledge the inherent perfection in our world as it is. At the same time, I imagine even more love and joy coming into our collective experience. In times like these, I discover the comfort of collaboration and partnership on even deeper levels. Where once I prided myself (how egoic!) on my capacity to go it alone, I now value my capacity to relate and collaborate, to contribute and to be of greater service as part of a team.

Partners are… two people doing a job that is just too big for one person to do alone. The planet is being bombarded with powerful energy today; people are being given tasks too big, not so much for our physical selves to carry alone, as for one consciousness to carry alone. We need partners to share the emotional and spiritual burdens of our lives, at a time when life itself is being transformed at the very deepest levels. ~ Marianne Williamson

And some inquiries to ponder:

What is your truest expression in relating?

What value do you find in autonomy? In relating?

How are you evolving in the context of your relationships?

How will you create relationships that fully reflect your values?

May your relationships bring you infinite joy, love and expansion!

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