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Socha Says: Importance of Grounding

Photo by Dana Nollsch http://www.photozen.us/

Socha speaks from Red Rocks in California on the importance of grounding in our spiritual evolution. Grounding is a way of connecting with earth-energies through our root chakra, the energy center each of us has at the base of our spines.

This is probably my favorite public message from Socha to date. The information feels very spiritual, yet it comes with practical tools for helping us to evolve spiritually. Are you interested in manifestation? How about vibrant health? This is the message for you!

We also get to see a bit of Socha’s humor. Socha “outs” Dana Nollsch as being a channel, a well-kept secret until now. Socha also calls Dana and me “hooligans” because of our tendency to minimize the importance of grounding in our day-to-day lives. Socha also refers to humans as “womb-based creatures,” which I actually find both hysterical and thought-provoking.

I hope you enjoy our video today, that you find practical ways to improve your capacities to manifest your inspirations into physical form and to create more vibrant health. I invite you to share your insights on our blog page.


What do you find most useful about Socha’s message?

How can you best apply this wisdom in your life right now?

What inspirations are you most called to bring into being?

How can earth-energies and –wisdom best support you?

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