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Evolutionary Entrepreneurs

Photo by Dana Nollsch http://www.photozen.us/

Are you an evolutionary entrepreneur?

Evolutionary entrepreneurs include artists, writers, healing practitioners, plus anyone who feels a sense of calling to a profession from accountants to investment brokers. Many have philanthropist-hearts and are cultural creatives, who find joy blending spirituality and creativity with social activism. Aspiring and actual evolutionary entrepreneurs focus their lives and services in love- and joy-based energies. They are willing to embrace needed skills, determination, and wisdom needed to succeed in these times of great shifts.

Laura Plato, a member of our Evolutionary Entrepreneurs Facebook group, defined us brilliantly as:

Souls who’ve chosen to come to this planet at precisely this moment to fulfill a calling to facilitate the shift from “what got us here” to “what gets us there.” Our work is done using deeply authentic, wildly creative, heart-centered tools and techniques. I believe an “EE” sees that we are all one, and that the path from here is about cooperation and collaboration to create divinely inspired results.

Dana Nöllsch and I are creating a fun and productive community of evolutionary entrepreneurs for wisdom-sharing, support, intention-setting, accountability, and acknowledgment. We intend to keep the focus on joyfully building capacity for business success, connecting with one another, offering support, and raising the collective vibration. These groups will initially begin in Reno/Sparks, but will potentially extend to teleconference or webinar format to include those from other areas. We also include a Facebook group that’s open to anyone from any location.

Groups will meet twice per month for two hours at an affordable cost of $20/meeting or five sessions pre-paid for $80 (used within three months). Meetings include:

  • Connecting and reporting successes and challenges
  • Offering training content on business-building strategies through a spiritual lens
  • Sharing group activities, coaching, and discussion
  • Spotlighting one member per session
  • Intention-setting for participants
  • Identifying needed topics for on-going support

Benefits may include:

  • Having more confidence in the services you offer
  • Having more confidence in building your business
  • Sharing wisdom with other entrepreneurs who are active in the community
  • Connecting with community leaders who are evolving spiritually & professionally, evolving in their path of service and prosperity
  • Creating more abundance for everyone in our group, plus for our community at large

We will begin meeting in January 2013, and group sizes will be limited. Contact us by December 17 if you are interested in building your capacity as an Evolutionary Entrepreneur through our gatherings or through our complimentary Facebook group: Denise at denise@sagespiritcoaching.com or 775.970.5476; Dana at dana@photozen.us or 775.224.3262.

What does “evolutionary entrepreneur” mean to you?

Who would you be and how would your life look if you successfully integrated your life-work and spirituality?

How would you benefit from participation in an evolutionary entrepreneur community?

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