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Socha Says: Pondering Unity

Photo by Dana Nollsch, http://www.photozen.us/

Socha says, “Unity lies within and beyond the paradox.”

So began my Saturday, just minutes after saying, “I don’t want to channel today. I just want to be normal for a change.” Three hours later, I still floated in and out of channeling, receiving amazing but abstract messages. Dana Nöllsch sometimes channeled, or held space, or asked questions. We channeled not only messages, but healing energies, and toning as well. The high and low frequencies of the notes seemed to harmonize and heal at the same time.

I remember little of that experience, so deeply into a trance-state I fell. But I paused to write a few notes at one time. I will share this message that I feel may be useful for you too. Socha says:

These are remarkable times, especially through the end of the year, to clear very old energies that no longer serve. Have you noticed bizarre physical symptoms or very old injuries coming up again, perhaps after several years without noticing them? You have the opportunity now to clear karmic, plus early-life and past-life energies and injuries very effectively. Human DNA is re-structuring now to support higher levels of consciousness and health. If you feel called to hum, chant, or tone specific notes, allow yourself to do so, as these frequencies support your journey, especially now. Call on your spirit guides and angels, even if you do not know their names, to help you. Not only are you releasing, you are simultaneously capable of allowing and embracing all of your gifts and wisdom of many ages, lives, and alternate realities to come into your lives.

To illustrate, Socha showed me a white Bengal tiger in the jungle. The great animal roared in pain and cried in misery, limping at the front right leg. I asked, “What is the source?” Socha showed me a sperm whale of long-gone days, swimming with a harpoon buried deep, an attached rope wrapped bitingly around his right flipper. Coincidentally, Dana and I both have consistently sore right shoulders. Socha says:

All One. Unity. The healing of One, contributes to the healing of All.

Whether in physical or non-physical form, we are all expressions of Source.

Socha’s message revolved around unity, and the need for healing things left unresolved from other times. I have been doing much of this work for clients as well as myself, including healing the energetic imprint of a miscarriage I had almost twenty years ago. I didn’t even know that I carried the energetic imprint, as I cleared the physical embodiment so thoroughly at the time!

Through Reiki, coaching, shamanic illuminations and extractions, I can help you to clear these energetic imprints, random pains, and more.

How do you experience unity?

How do you experience paradox?

What do you feel still needs clearing for you?

What gifts are you ready to activate, embrace, and receive?

By the way, on our Socha Facebook Page, we posted a query about the meaning of Socha’s message on unity and paradox. We received some amazing and insightful responses. If you would like to “like” us, let me know and I will show you the way!

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