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Socha & Friends: Making Meaning of the Senseless & Moving Forward

Photo by Dana Nollsch http://www.photozen.us/

Photo by Dana Nollsch http://www.photozen.us/

Why the senseless shooting? Why did it happen between the auspicious dates of 12-12-12 and 12-21-12? I couldn’t wrap my imagination around these questions last Friday. Like many other empaths and sensitive, compassionate people, I felt disoriented, disembodied, and in need of closing off from my emotions in order to deal with the complexities of my day. I came upon some serendipitous answers that day that I feel compelled to share with you, hoping you will find solace and direction for moving forward into the mystery beyond the Mayan Calendar’s end. I am part of a mastermind group for channeling with Linda Flynt and Malaika Pettigrew. We joined our scheduled call last Friday, just hours after learning of the horrible tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. I wondered if I would be able to open enough to channel Socha that day. Linda, Malaika, and I processed a bit and decided to go ahead with our call. The combined wisdom that came through us all felt so profound, that I asked Linda and Malaika if I might share a summary of our combined channeled messages with you, and they graciously agreed. Below are some key points:

Return to the heart, connected to the grand heart of all – Hold compassion, not only for those who suffered, but also for the one who was identified as perpetrator. Hold him in a heart-space as all. We are one in spirit. When one cries out for help and is not identified, then the cry becomes louder and louder, until this one feels they have caught the attention that is wanted. The need is never served in this way. It helps us all remember to pay attention to our needs, knowing that we are one with one another. The separation we believe exists creates a gulf in our feelings and thoughts, but it does not exist in our reality. At this auspicious time on the planet, our hearts are opening and awakening in expansive ways as never before. When we can channel that heart-opening, not only for one another, but for all species of life on this planet, we create an opportunity of a new world beyond anything that has ever been dreamed or imagined before. More light is available on the planet right now than anyone has ever dreamed. Embrace this heart-opening and awakening. Feel all there is available to feel. Always keep your focus on the prize.

Responding to tragedy – We may allow ourselves to feel completely the sadness and the pain, for our feelings are real. But we do not want to allow the pain, despair or fear to dominate in this time. Bringing ourselves to feelings of compassion, forgiveness, love, and grace better serves is all. We are always able to move our feelings to a higher plane that will serve everyone that we touch in our spheres of influence. One day there will be a time when all will be well, and we won’t choose to suffer in these ways anymore. There is a greater force that will help to transcend this pain into love. We may take on the perspective of a mother who comforts her child, understanding the pain, but having utter certainty of the child’s well-being. All is well, from a higher perspective than we may be able to grasp right now.

The dark belongs to the light – As the light shines brighter, the darkness appears more evident, even as it becomes diminished. Darkness fights for existence with full force as never before. The darkness represents the shadow that lives inside of us. As our light shines even brighter, the shadows within become more evident. We can resist having the shadow be absorbed into light, or we can embrace the process. The darkness seems to be more prominent in either case because more focus is placed on it. What some call “evil” is merely a part of the self that has not recognized itself as light. We can choose to embrace the darkness in our thoughts and feelings, and we can bring them lovingly and compassionately into the light. No force is greater than the light.

Feeling calm before a storm – There may be times when we sense an eerie calmness before such a tragedy. During these times, we are opening and receiving nurturing, calming-energies, and wisdom from “the other side,” i.e. God, our higher-self, spirit guides, angels, etc. that will help to strengthen, ground and prepare us for what is coming. In addition, we are fine-tuning our awareness. In the future we may have the intuition in the calmness that perhaps something will happen. We may feel inclined to send that situation love and light, even if we are unaware of what that event may be. In that way we are perhaps preventing or reducing the impact of an event. At the same time we are learning to transcend the constructs of time and space that exist only in our minds.

The significance of 12-12 and 12-21 – These dates, significant astrologically and numerologically, serve as portals into new levels of consciousness. By this time, many on the spiritual path, the channels of the light, assumed that they would be beyond egoic and petty struggles and shadow expressions. They felt they had come so far on their path and created a certain amount of stability. These are times for us all to become even clearer on how to focus thoughts. Focusing on problems will create even more problems. Focus instead on allowing the highest possible vibrations to come through, on moving forward, on anticipation and excitement. Focusing on the bright, loving possibilities helps to transcend shadow, as we dance in the light. The days 12-21 through 12-23 hold significant opportunities for enhanced intuition and allowing greater amounts of light to enter into the crown chakra. The human body has undergone structural changes in DNA to allow more light to enter the crown than ever before.

Miracles and mysteries – Those who have been agents of the dark agenda have helped us collectively to witness the value of the light vs. dark. We see that many who have danced in the dark will transform suddenly into the light. These miracles will serve to inspire hope and greater lightness on the planet. The shift in consciousness will happen now with much more ease. How the rate of shift appears in the external world will depend on the vibration of the dreamer. Embracing change and the shift will create less struggles, more ease. Resisting may create less ease. We are at choice to slow the pace a bit if it feels too overwhelming. The external world will be a reflection of the inner world of each dreamer. We caution against the thought or vibration of being “fed up” with how things are. Though it may be justified, it’s more effective to focus on gratitude for whatever way the journey has unfolded. In the coming days and years – and indeed it has already been occurring for many years – we will see a blending of perceptions of reality. Disparities of views will flow like ribbons dancing in the wind, flowing together and flowing apart, again and again. Eventually there is the possibility or probability that they will come together so that all may dance in the light together.

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