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Dreaming a New Dream

Photo by Dana Nollsch www.photozen.us

Photo by Dana Nollsch www.photozen.us

12-21-12 has come and gone. Presently we celebrate our entrance into a new year. Are you releasing a sigh of relief? Are you feeling changes in the energies that surround you? Are you anticipating something new and different?

Some feel as though they are waking from nightmare, feeling so many pressures these past few years related to the economy, political environment, relationship and lifestyle changes, health concerns, and more. The question is:

If you are waking from a nightmare, do you try to go back to sleep to re-create the same dream or do you seek to create a new dream?

Well, we are still here: neither apocalypse nor spontaneous ascension. At least not yet. What new dream do we desire to create? Will it be one in which we better honor and care for the earth and one another? Or will it be more of the same-old, same-old?

We get to vote, with the power of our loving hearts. That’s all it takes to create the shift or to move deeper into it. It’s simple, but profound. It isn’t always easy. Each of us is the “hundredth monkey” affecting one hundred others. Each of us is the butterfly wing creating a breeze on the other side of the earth.

I don’t actually understand the dynamics of the crossing of the galactic equator and whatever the Mayans intended when they predicted the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. I can’t help but to note the significance of both happening on 12-21-12, along with the solstice too. Whatever the reality, we the people have enormous potential right now to create a better way, to consciously evolve, to issue in a new era of sensing and acknowledging our connection with all-that-is, and to live accordingly, knowing that all we do for ourselves and to others effects all-of-us.

Let’s celebrate! We’ve all ridden the waves of intense and transformative energies for a long, long time – longer, perhaps than we can even imagine as the heat turned up gradually, gradually. We’ve ended the phase of contraction and we skinnied-down to cross the equator, casting off the past, the shadows, plus many cultural myths and misperceptions. Now we may breathe into expansion once more. This implies a level of responsibility. What we think and imagine, we call into being. The world before our eyes reflects the world behind our eyes. What dream will you dream?

What world do you imagine for yourself and the generations to come?

How can you live in ways that more deeply honor who you are and who you are becoming?

What imprint or legacy have you left with your life to date?

What legacy do you wish to leave in the new world paradigm?

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