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Conscious Evolution and Embracing Alchemy

Photo by Dana Nollsch http://www.photozen.us/

Photo by Dana Nollsch http://www.photozen.us/

How beautiful to let go and to BE held in the arms of the Universe! As we engage with our conscious evolutionary journeys, our vibration increases. This means we feel more joy, love, creativity. I like to think of it as becoming more spirit than matter, alchemy. There are implications of raising our vibrations that show up in several areas of our physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual lives.

One might think that as we become higher vibrational and more spirit than matter, that our physical needs would be less. I just haven’t found that to be true for myself nor for others. During the transition, our bodies need as much or more support than ever. Have you noticed increased sensitivity to certain foods? Or to alcohol and other drugs, if you use them? Have you noticed an increased need for sleep and for a healthier diet? Or more exercise, stretching and time in nature in order to feel grounded? Energetic healing practices such as Reiki can provide additional support as well.

If we experience imbalance and/or dis-ease, we may need to address this on both the physical and energetic levels. When we are very much matter, taking the aspirin may be enough to heal what ails us. We may notice as we move further into our conscious evolution, however, that there’s a deeper need for healing related to energy. Perhaps our cold is not caused by germs so much as by a conflict in a relationship. Clearing the energy around the conflict may be just as important as rest and fluids, if we want to fully embrace more vibrant health. Unresolved feelings leave our immune systems depressed. At times like these, we may enlist a friend to help us to process, visit a coach or counselor, or have a Reiki session to help clear any energetic blockages that may exist. Insights are sure to follow that will further us on our healing journey. With more problematic illness, of course, we are wise to consult with a holistic health practitioner. On the plus side, matter moves very slowly, but spirit knows no boundaries of time nor space. When we are fully prepared for it, we may spontaneously heal whenever we embrace healing on the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. There are so many energetic healing modalities available to us now. We may trust in spirit to lead us to the one(s) most useful for us at any given time. (Note: I know the topic of spontaneous healing begs for embellishment. Rather than dancing into a tangent, I promise to return here in my blog in the next couple of weeks. Okay?)

The example above gives us a sense of conscious evolution and the interplay in our physical body and social and emotional lives. Going deeper, our evolution affects all aspects of our social interactions. We may find we have less tolerance for relationships or environments that involve much disharmony. We may find it absolutely necessary to move away from some relationships and to gravitate more to those that feed our soul and spirit in healthy, positive ways. Discomfort can be a remarkable teacher. As we all find our energetic groove and gravitate towards our desired community, we may also notice others moving away or toward us, in a dynamic dance reflecting the law of attraction and an orchestration of the Universe working things out so that we gain the perfect environments and experiences for our expansion and evolution. If we can stay in compassion and unconditional love as much as possible through the changes, for ourselves and for others, we will feel much better in the journey of changes.

Going even deeper into the spiritual realm, in our journey we gain greater influence over our perception of reality with our thoughts and by simply Being. In our denser states, we felt called to so much doing in order to keep up with everything and to make an impact in our world. We may have felt compelled to join many organizations and causes in order to ban with others to effect positive change. As powerful as this can be, this can leave us exhausted! As we become more spirit, we can engage more with what I call, “energetic lobby.” We may still choose to visit the legislature or join a protest rally, but we also have the choice of doing both at the same time by holding the intention of sending love, light, and positive energies, for the greatest good of all.

Related to this, we also have the power to more rapidly and effectively manifest and create. Again, spirit knows no boundaries of time nor space. Just like healing, manifesting and creating can come spontaneously as we go deeper into the journey. It’s important to focus our thoughts carefully, and we are fortunate to have safety mechanisms in place so that every thought doesn’t materialize immediately. We’re just not quite ready for that yet! There’s another dimension to this too, and one I’ve been enjoying. As we go deeper, we gain more sage advice from the spiritual realm. Last weekend I partnered with Katie Packham of Copper Cat Studio to offer, “Living the Creative Life: A Workshop for Creative Visioning, Mosaic Art and Manifestation.” The structure and details for the workshop were all provided by my spirit guides during several dreams. They also provided an intervention from DanaB, an angel-in-earthsuit, who gifted me just the right book at just the right time. I love love love the synchronicity and magic of the Universe!

What role does “vibration” play in your life?

How are your relationships serving your well-being?

What elements of your life support your conscious evolution?

How can you deepen your journey of creation and manifestation?

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