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Miracles, Gifts, Jesus and other Shamans

Divine Alchemy, the transformation from fear into love: this is what a perceive our world to be about now. Fortunately, our own beloved friends at Alchemist Theatre bring us so much creative inspiration for our alchemical journeys, including their monthly gatherings. They have a  new daily podcast called “Jesus Medicine,” where they explore the inspiration from specific lessons in A Course in Miracles.

I was their guest for last Sunday’s podcast, and I thought I would share with you all. As always, I feel so honored to have the opportunity to co-create with such creative, spirit-filled friends, sharing this journey of alchemy.

Towards the end of the session (only 13 minutes), I share just a bit about a huge discovery and transformation I’ve been going through. I’ve recently had the enormous GIFT of having my “sacred wound” activated in a way where I could finally dive deeply into it and literally transform my experience of this world.


Perhaps if you’re interested, I will share more about this in a facebook live event sometime soon. I know I’m not the only one riding waves of profound change in my inner landscape. If my story might be of value to you, I would be honored to share.

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