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Collaborative Dreaming

Loving-kindness is supremely relational: it works only if it’s offered, given away, or shared. We cannot bank love; it grows as we give it away. The more we give it away, the greater our capacity for love. This is how loving-kindness becomes limitless. ~  Joan Halifax, Being with Dying

Art: “Pele” by Cher Lyn

Recorded deep within my DNA and consciousness are memories of another life, another era, where love, co-creation, and community flowed more gracefully, without attachments and fears of loss. We enjoyed love as deep intimacy without barriers or the need for control. We freely let go if another’s heart called them onward, either for love, healing or growth elsewhere. For me, this place is/was known as The Land of Mu, or Lemuria, the Pacific Ocean equivalent of Atlantis, but with much more Aloha Spirit – creativity and love consciousness, vs. the energies of logic, science, math. I experience Mu as the essence of divine feminine, and Atlantis as the sacred masculine. Even so, amazing technologies emerged from both places.

But what does it mean to love without fear? This very question has led me to some amazing journeys where I have seen how our very DNA, for we humans, was once corrupted by codes meant to keep us in fear, subservient, easy to control. And it changed everything. This includes the consequence of love-energies being muted, swallowed up by fears. We created institutions of death-do-us-part to try to avoid facing our fears, to avoid loss of love. And so much control has come into our experience of love, paradoxically, tragically.

So how do we find our way back?  How do you we return to our own essence – to BE and to enjoy Love?

For me, this is so much a part of this shift in consciousness that we are experiencing collectively. So many of us are dreaming of a New Earth (by whatever name) where we may know harmony, peace, balance, and more love. Recent events have been showing us more and more how culturally we have much healing to create in order to transcend fear, hate and division.

Calling all Sacred Rebels! For this dreaming, there are two paths to follow, the inner and the outer. And for most of us, we have to tend both.

Alana Fairchild, Sacred Rebels Oracle & Guidebook; Art: Autumn Skye Morrison

In order to know peace and harmony in our world, we are called to makes changes within ourselves, that allow for more peace and harmony within. Some may call this the law of attraction, some the path of Zen, the spiritual path, or shadow work, and/or many other labels. By whatever name and by infinite paths, we may deeply excavate our thoughts, patterns, dreams and motivations to that we become more congruent in our intentions and actions, so that we become more fertile to invite into our lives that which we think will bring us joy. And this work is so vital to our becoming, if indeed we feel compelled to experience more goodness in our lives. But it’s messy inside, right? And it’s not necessarily easy work, but it takes us to completely different ways of being that can make it so worthwhile. The deeper we are willing to go into our thoughts, feelings, guidance, intuition and inspiration, the more we will be in the flow of life and inviting of even more, without unconscious self-sabotaging patterns getting in our way.

There is no falling back into old ways. If you do so, it will be short lived and won’t feel the same as it used to. You may grieve this. You will certainly (eventually) celebrate it. You have crossed the threshold from an old way of being in an old life and try as you might, you cannot return… There is another adventure awaiting you now. You need a deeper connection to your own instincts, body, feelings and intuitions so that you can receive this new calling. You can trust in in it too. Embrace it and it will embrace you. ~ Alana Fairchild

And if the inner path isn’t messy enough, there’s also the outer path. This is a time of coming together, of acknowledge our inter-connectedness and inter-dependence, of honoring our diversity and the paradox of Oneness. Perhaps it sounds like all sunshine and rainbows, but those fear codes become triggered so often, right? We have families and we form families, we come together for projects and other purposes, we have communities and sub-communities, and we have our global communities. Has anyone noticed how not-easy it can be?

Creative endeavours, particularly involving groups, can bring up unresolved issues about being valued, heard or capable. They can also trigger disputes about taking responsibility, or enflame insecurities about being cast into unfamiliar roles of leadership or of having to follow. This might happen for you, for others or for all involved! The stronger the creative energy that flows, the more likely that triggering will take place… Stay in your integrity, honour what you feel and remember why you chose to open up to group endeavours in the first place – especially if the group involvement becomes complex or challenging. Call on unconditional love each day and evening, it only takes a moment to do: “I call on unconditional love. Please help and guide me and this project.” ~ Alana Fairchild

As we show up to create with others, we will know struggles and challenges that contribute to our growth, that help to activate our fears so that we can do deeper healing. Some partnerships flow easily, and some not so much. There may be painful times, and some that lead to separations. And sometimes we, or others, let go, so we can stumble and mumble into partnerships and communities that are more aligned with our truth and creativity.

Are you willing to show up for the collective dream, our New Earth in the making? Are you willing to share more of yourself in order to know more intimacy? Are you willing to feel vulnerable and out of control at times, to feel harmony and dissonance at times too? Are you willing to grow and expand your consciousness? Are you willing – ultimately – to be unrecognizable, even to yourself, from day to day, from year to year? Are you willing to surrender who you used to be to know someone more to your liking?

You are a part of a wave of loving consciousness and you are meant to be exploring collaborative dreams, healing relationships and conscious communities. Some connections will be short lived and perhaps involve some learning experiences that you are hopeful of never needing to repeat. Others will be longer term loves. Either way, you will emerge more of yourself and more in connection with the world that wants your ideas, presence, energy and light. ~ Alana Fairchild

Lee Harris’s most recent energy forecast for mid-August to mid-September includes more on this theme of healing in community.

If you missed, “Let’s Get Raw,” with Samantha Fe and me last week, you can catch it here. We talk  more about community, shadow work, and behind the scenes as a spiritual entrepreneur, and dogs (haha).

And if the eclipse energies have left you feeling wonky, don’t forget to revisit the meditation we shared in our last blog/newsletter. This will be good for us until the full moon in September, or even beyond, as we continue to shed our fears and self-sabotaging patterns, and as we continue to focus our awareness and choices on what we truly wish to create in our lives.


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