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Dream Catcher Project & Autumn Harvest Celebration – The H.O.M.E. Team

Honor Our Mother Earth (H.O.M.E.) Team

Robert White Mountain, Jose Munoz, Dahlahk Pahtahlngee – The H.O.M.E. Team

Our vision is to continue gathering a world-wide family who respect and honor Mother Earth as a living entity and as the ‘Circle of Life.’ We have returned to our sacred selves living with integrity, purpose and in harmony within the circle. We have learned peace and gained happiness by actively participating in projects to rejuvenate good health for all life on our sacred Mother Earth. We are global Earth Warriors asserting life is beautiful, living in communion with Natural Law. Our goals include creating alliances worldwide to promote awareness on the importance of working together in protecting, preserving and honoring Mother Earth. To join or start an alliance chapter, visit this web page and click “Global Alliances” or “Get Involved.” http://honorourmotherearthteam.com/

Our primary H.O.M.E. Team Members include:

Robert White Mountain, Hunkpapa Lakota who resides on The Standing Rock Indian Reservation in South Dakota in a town called Little Eagle. Robert is a descendant of famous chiefs such as Sitting Bull and Rain-In-The-Face. He is a Pipe Carrier, a guardian of Sacred Tradition and ceremony. He is actively involved with creating solutions to the oppression, poverty, high suicide rate, alcoholism and other problems stemming from trans-generational post-traumatic stress disorder on the Indian Reservations. In addition to offering ceremony, Robert is creating sustainability projects such as community orchards and gardens and is the founder of the Standing Rock Medicine Wheel Living Park in McLaughlin, South Dakota. Robert is the visionary of The H.O.M.E. Team.

Jose (Frederico) Manik Ajpu Munoz, originally from Guatemala, is a Day Keeper of the Mayan Calendar for the Maya Chor’Ti People, Crystal Skull Guardian, and World Peace Organizer. Additionally, he is the carrier of the new 26,000-year Cycle Calendar known as the Sixth Sun Calendar which started at the turn of the cycle on December 22nd 2012. He is keeper of the spoken word of Mayan history from the years of 1444 to 1529 and works in what he calls the Northern Territories which range from Guatemala in the south to the west parts of Alaska and to Montreal (Canada) in the east. Mr. Munoz has selected the unique timing of this event to accord with galactic alignments of the heavens and Earth.

Dahlahk Pahtahlngee (Mountain Eagle) is Washeshu, which translates as “All the People.” This translation includes land, air, water, fire, plant, animal, mineral and other untold spirit entities, in addition to humans. Dahlahk remembers and shares the songs and stories of his Elders and Ancestors emerging after a “long sleep” protecting the medicine of his Washoe People. His songs and practices connect each and every one of us to the source of creation, awakening love, respect, honor, courage and compassion, all of which can be added to the pool of intention. Our intentions go into an electromagnetic wave, which surrounds the earth so that healing can begin.

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