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Dream Catcher Project & Autumn Harvest Celebration – Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher placed at Standing Rock, South Dakota, Summer Solstice 2018

As part of our event, we will facilitate the building of a semi-permanent circular Dream Catcher structure 33 feet in diameter, approximately 10 feet high, to enhance the visitor experiences of the area as connected to Native American culture and spirituality. As The H.O.M.E. Team Wisdomkeepers weave the Dream Catcher, they will weave in the dreams of the people for the next 26,000-year Mayan cycle. The Dream Catcher technology is noted to have been gifted to the people by Jade Princess in Tulan Tziu (aka Kaminal Juyu) on June 21st 1444.

The Dream Catcher, in a practical sense, is a location and Sacred Circle for all people to come together, to share community gatherings, workshops, prayer or meditation circles, dance, songs, ceremony, and rituals. The Dream Catcher can also be used as a meditation tool, similarly to a labyrinth (circular spiral).  This will be the third Dream Catcher of 100 being planned to be built worldwide by December 21, 2021. The first was built last spring in the Chumash tribal territories in the Santa Barbara region of California. The second was built on the summer solstice at the Standing Rock Reservation in South Dakota. Both prior events for the Dream Catcher brought in international volunteers and participants.

If you are interested in bringing a Dream Catcher to your community anywhere in the world, please contact Jose Federico Munoz, http://www.joseajpumunoz.com/. Jose is also available for other ceremonies, readings and much more.


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