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Dream Catcher Project & Autumn Harvest Celebration – Contributing Artists

Contributing Artists

Alchemist Theatre was born out of a desire to create newer and better ways of gathering and worship. As a group of professional and talented artists who are passionate about creating art, they wanted to go deeper, and find different ways to connect to Spirit. They inspire people to create art, build community, and become better versions of themselves. As modern day Alchemists, they are here to transform fear into love, for themselves and their peers who are ready to do the same. Alchemist Theatre’s main stage show occurs every last Wednesday of the month at the Center for Spiritual Living, Reno on 4685 Lakeside Drive. Each month centers around a theme, around which The Alchemists deliver sermons, music, prayer, meditation, visual and performance art. Doors open at 7pm, the shows begin at 7:30. There is a Empowerment Market in the lobby, which offers an array of wellness modalities, such as reiki, readings, books, and jewelry. Patrons leave our shows with healing, inspiration, and answers to their deepest and most personal questions. The Alchemists are also available for private bookings, church services, keynote appearances, classes, workshops, and coaching. For more information, visit: https://www.alchemistmovement.org/.

Reverends Jessica Levity Daylover & Christoper Daniels of Alchemist Theatre

Brian Melendez says, “I am humbled daily and proud of my modest origins. I’m not attempting to disclosing intricate tribal-secrets—but rather examine the basis of human-spirituality and community—that exists in all of us.  I believe it has never been more critical to develop extensive circles of global community building, and to do this by collecting endless allies (tribal and non-tribal) for the cause, for the betterment of the world. I’m not holy—more like, a cussing-praying-Indian-pirate—and we don’t have time to avoid real talk anymore, especially for tribal people we got a lot of work to do.” Brian is Northern/Southern Paiute – Western Shoshone: Community Leader, American Indian Spirituality Scholar, and practitioner of Great Basin custom(s) and culture(s), and the owner and operator of Lucentree, LLC. He’s been many things to many people—a leader, teacher, student, and innovator. He writes, speaks, and teaches about collective human-spiritual energy and community, from an indigenous perspective. For more information, visit: https://www.lucentree.com/.

Brian Melendez, Lucentree

Orlando OH says, “Art is the language of the indescribable. It speaks of life to the unborn and deceased. Love and death to the painfully alive. I use my art to connect to my ancestors who spoke in words lost to me through colonization. Each of my pieces gives a voice to the ones who are gone, but live through me; the ones ignored by our society, and the ones who dream of another reality.” Orlando Oh is an Indigenous artist of Purepecha ancestry. He was born on September 22nd 1983 in Milwaukee, WI but currently resides in the Reno/Tahoe area. He was raised in a multicultural home in one of the most segregated cities in the country. This affected his perception of identity at an early age and made him question his place in society. Surrounded by Americanized people of color he asked what his true culture was. He wondered what his ancestors thought of and hoped for. A curious child raised in a catholic home, he would often draw to express himself and pass the time. He had too many questions and needed to seek out his own answers. In 2005 he left Milwaukee and religion to pursue art away from almost everyone he knew. He headed west and was inspired by the Sierras. The stark contrast of the crystal clear lakes against the dry desert landscapes. A place of extremes. Life and death. Freedom and rigidity. Orlando’s body of work is a culmination of his journey through life. A reflection of the experiences of an Indigenous man on occupied land. Hopes and dreams. Love and pain. Racism and ecological destruction. The constant struggle to move forward and stay true to his roots are painted in his words and spoken in his visual art. For more information, visit: http://orlandooh.weebly.com/.

Orlando OH

Alan “Al” Miller is a musician and songwriter, and has contributed the song “Dream Catcher” for the festival. Al trained at the Musician’s Institute of Technology in Hollywood CA with some of the world’s great guitarists. Following a detour into a 25-year public service career as a water quality engineer in South Lake Tahoe, where he resides, he is returning to the stage with a collection of new songs to stimulate the heart and mind. He has performed locally in the past as the Alan Miller Trio.

Al Miller

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