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My Spirituality: How I Came to BE Here

Photo by Dana Nollsch, www.PhotoZen.us

Photo by Dana Nollsch, www.PhotoZen.us

Lately I’ve been asked several times to articulate my spiritual history, by new clients and friends, acquaintances, and more. I thought I would take a few minutes to articulate the condensed version for a little context on why I am on this path, as a Conscious Evolution Coach.

For me, I have always been more spiritual (direct connection to Source/God) than religious. Even so, when I was young I had no other context than religion (raised Catholic), so I fit in as best I could. When I told a beloved adult at about the age of six that I could dream the future day during each night’s sleep, that it was a gift of God to help me to feel safe in the world, he lovingly said, “that’s impossible.” Poof! Gift gone. Still, I remained very intuitive throughout my life. I always knew when my friends became pregnant, the very next day. I knew when someone I loved was hurting, even when they were miles away.

In 2004 I began working with a life coach. Marti Benjamin of Business Energetix was a new friend to me then, who was beginning her training as a coach and offered me three months pro bono. How could a personal growth junkie like me refuse? I continue to work with her and other coaches to this day. How could I not when I can make such amazingly powerful and positive life changes, feeling nurtured and supported?

In 2006, Dana’s mother and aunt were making their slow transitions, one with Alzheimer’s and the other from chronic pain (osteo-arthritis). They demanded so much care and energy! To better help them, we began to study Reiki from Laura Bruno. What we found is that we could serve them while giving them something better than our life-force, all while being healed and nurtured at the same time. We studied through the Reiki Master Teacher level very quickly, all in 2006. It took a few years to fully integrate Reiki into my life, and in the process, Dana and I both went through deep healing journeys as a result. It was intense, but my workaholism and people-pleasing efforts were literally killing me, along with some personal trauma, like my divorce. I was pretty much done in, and had to heal from the inside out. I had chronic fatigue and chronic candida overgrowth (food and fear-related), and I am more healthy now than I’ve been since my peak of health, at about age 30 (more than 20 years ago). And I grow healthier every day! Even my eye sight is improving after 40-plus years of wearing glasses!

Not only did Reiki assist in my physical and emotional healing, it aided my spiritual development as well. I became even more empathic and intuitive than I was before. Plus I began to have the capacity to read past lives or archetypal themes that helped me to heal from these influences. Later I learned to use this gift, along with Reiki and creating awareness for my clients, to help others to clear the unfavorable influences of their past lives.

I had an intuition that my job would cease to exist. I worked on federal contract (soft money) through the University of Nevada Reno, and the contract actually lasted a long time. I began to study life coaching while still employed, and began my business June 1, 2009, the day after my layoff. It was just the nudge I needed to leave the safety of the nest. Sometimes when we procrastinate making a needed life change, Source/God/Spirit intervenes. Thank you!

It’s been a remarkable journey of discovery since then, and unimaginable expansion. I get to live the life I love each and every day. Source sends me the most incredible angels-in-earthsuits to serve and to teach, plus the ones who come for collaboration and partnership. I love co-teaching and co-creating, for this allows me to grow in unforeseen ways. Always Source is my partner, with other angels showing up as practical partners too.

All my life, I’ve been enchanted by Native American culture, spirituality, oral tradition and literature. I never thought I would be able to access the deepest spiritual teachings. Yet, several years ago I met Jeffre TallTrees of Sacred Rainbow Mesa and a trainer for The Four Winds Society. Over two years ago, I began formal training as a shaman based on the teachings of the Andes in Peru. This is among the greatest spiritual gifts of my lifetime. Plus I now have ancient wisdom and healing practices that I may share with others, in addition to my coaching and Reiki skills.

Last summer I took a course from Eva Gregory. We learned to tap into intuition more fully, and even to potentially become conscious channels. During this time, I began to channel verbally. Socha, my spirit guides, have many videos on this blog offering ancient wisdom to assist in your spiritual growth and evolution.

I have a vision that reflects the next phase of my spiritual path. I live in a rural area, very close to Reno, NV (only about 1/2 hour from downtown). We have 76 acres, mostly raw and natural, with a small house. We have lots of room for RVs, cabins, tipis, treehouses, yurts, domes, tiny-houses, earth ships, and whatnot. I would love to create a retreat center, where people could come for a weekend, week, month, or more to chill, write, do yoga, attend workshops, enjoy ritual and ceremony, and just connect with community and with nature. The vision grows stronger and I feel so much potential.

When we show up and step into what we are shown to create, the Universe sends in so much support and takes several steps toward us. I wouldn’t say that it’s always been easy. I have had to learn to value myself and what I offer (still a work in progress, as I’m a natural philanthropist). I have to set boundaries and always be clear in my communication as I can be. I have to keep myself pretty darn clean to serve as the best channel I may be, for intuition and for healing energy. It’s a daily commitment to show up.

This path is my joy, my love, my passion, my raison d’être… and the greatest miracle and blessing I have yet to imagine. And I am willing be go even deeper.





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