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Photo Gallery – OdaBe, Our Sacred Training Space

“The heart of the Sacred Hoop is the Whirling Rainbow that contains all colors, all experience, all wholeness… Welcome the changes that will allow all creatures to join together as one.”  Jamie Sams

This is the Heart of this journey, where we co-create such a colorful rainbow of Love, emanating out into the world, contributing to Unity and Peace. We know that the healing and wholing we embrace for ourselves, and that the beauty we create , all contribute to the healing and beauty of All-That-Is.

Here are some photos highlighting the magic of OdaBe, our sacred Sky Spirit Shamans training retreat center and some of our ceremonies and magical moments:

Photo by Clayton Beck

Tipi Fire Ceremony


Round Dance Ceremony

Nichole & Dahlahk, Round Dance Ceremonialists

Singing Bowl Ceremony

Shamanic Wedding

Angels of Light Descend of OdaBe – Photo by Coral Wilcox

Reiki Masters and their Shamanic Sand Painting

wisdomkeepers gathering, spring 2015

Wisdom Ceremony 2013 Laura Plato & Denise Sheehan

Shamanic Fire Ceremony

Goddess Moon Ceremony

Goddess Camp

Despacho Ceremony, Jeffre TallTrees

Reiki Attunement Ceremony

Drumming Procession

Hand on Heart Ceremony

Stargate Tipi Alter

Tipi Origins

Sky Spirits

Rainbow Spirits

Reiki Masters and Tipi Shamanic Mandala Alter

Tipi Meditation Gathering

Stargate Mandala

Shaman Mandala

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