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Journey to Lemuria

Many have asked, “What is the story with Socha? Who are they?” Well, I’ve had glimpses of a shared lifetime with Socha, and as I inquired more deeply of Socha about this, I found that the information is quite timely for where we are now and how we may evolve in our consciousness.

To go deeper into the inquiry, Dana Nollsch (also a conscious channel of Socha) and I went into a shamanic journey. This is a completely natural but altered state in which we may access information across dimensions and timelines, not unlike channeling. We didn’t plan to film that day, but as we came out of the journey, we just felt we had to share our experience.

So who is Socha? Socha came from the stars to participate in the grand experiment that was Lemuria, which is similar in some ways to this experiment here in these amazing times of transformation. Lemuria was similar to Atlantis, but of the Pacific Ocean. They were more heart-conscious, whereas Atlantis was more intellectual, intuitive and technology-oriented. We know Socha from Lemuria, where we all (and several others in our lives now) all formed a conscious, loving, creative family together.

So the message of this video revolves around brief snippets of life in Lemuria (and there is so much more to explore). Before we go further, I know that there are many tellings of the ways of Lemuria. However, I just have to say that we are not scholars of Lemuria. Rather, we were once inhabitants of the greatest experiment there, especially in regards to the ways that love shows up. We currently journey there with the help of our guides, experiencing once more the wonders of that magical place and time. To what purpose? To bring back valuable lessons and tools useful to our evolution on this planet, not just for humans, but for all forms of life throughout the cosmos.

We have been shown glimpses of ways of being, far beyond surviving, beyond even thriving, and well into the realm of co-creating in love and reverence, where creativity and technology blend, where all are honored for who they BE and what they provide to the community, with love and integrity, with acceptance of diversity.

Socha offers three takeaways from this journey to assist our evolution:

  1. We have to be willing to engage in empathy, to clean up our internal world (mind) to the degree that we are capable so we can allow others to see inside, and for us to see inside others. Would you be willing to open yourself, to have every thought be transparent, as you go through your day now?
  2. Explore non-ownership. In a community of unity, there can be complete sharing of belongings and possessions, and even people. In our Lemurian experiment we lived in family units that were fluid and dynamic, with people coming and going in intuitive ways, allowing ourselves and others to come and go. This is the path of unconditional love. If we can let go of things and beloveds in complete freedom, then we are also unattached to how people show up in our lives. Can you now allow yourself and others this freedom?
  3. We have to be willing to acknowledge, but also leave behind what-is (“reality”). The path is known as ascension, which involves being willing and ready to go through portals of experience, to create in bigger ways. We can choose the life that we desire, but we must engage in the world beyond practical approaches. We have to think of evolutionary approaches. The way will be shown when we are ready, and we can create heaven on earth. Are you willing?

Indeed, we may have a long way to go without much leisure to dilly-dally. To evolve, you may ponder:

What does abundance look like in a world of non-ownership?

How can you show up as unconditional love more and more in each moment?

What would your ideal paradigm of love look and feel like?

What does evolution mean to you? What is ascension?

Below are some “Socha Shorts” for inspiration and sharing, from the original audio recording of the journey. Feel free to join us on Socha’s facebook page.

The impossible is possible. Believe.

Maintaining a love vibration is the greatest facet of this experiment, coming into states of love that are ever greater in each moment.

There are times when, as part of the human condition, you feel frightened, betrayed, belittled, rejected. Let there be community to embrace each of you energetically, to let you have your own process, but to feel valued and loved always. Offer that acceptance and support to one other. Embrace every emotion. Flourish.

Breath, body, heart, knowing and knowingness… there is a sacredness in love, joining, union, and communion. There is a celebration inherent in every emotion, action, belief and value, in every expression of selfness and oneness as an acknowledgment of how inter-connected we truly are with one another and with all-of-life.

Empathy and telepathy allow for a greater sense of knowingness through the collective. Each is able to experience the full range of every possible way of being. Clean up your internal world (mind). Embrace this path. Experience true oneness.

Once the body was treated with reverence and honoring. Ceremonies with the moon cycles and in celebration of life take the community higher and higher, opening flood gates of creativity and inspiration. Honoring the experience of being in an earthsuit has been lost to some degree or over-valued. We can return to reverence and live deeply.

There is deep meaning in touch.

If we can be free of our sense of ownership – of possessions and people – we can embrace the path of unconditional love, free of expectations of how others show up, even ourselves. We can even be free of ownership of what we create, our art, our life. We are always free to create even more or something completely different.


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