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Reiki Community Updates

Beautiful Beloved Community! You all enchant and honor us so, shining your light in this beautiful world. May we continue to support ourselves and one another in our expanded heart-consciousness! Aho!

As always, you can find a current listing of Reiki events here.  In addition, here are a few updates for you, of gatherings and more in our community:


On March 21, Laura Plato and I will be offering our first wisdomkeeper’s gathering. We are thinking of a multi-cultural/gender inclusive space where all wisdom is honored as worthy in the path of “healing of all our relations.” We intend to support community leaders, empowering us All with shared-wisdom, ceremony, and support for empowering vibrant communities. This event coincides with the spring equinox, new moon and solar eclipse. Are you ready for this much empowered, profound change? Stay tuned if you’re interested or let me know and I will be sure to forward more information to you.

Sacred Circle

Again, much gratitude to those who joined us for the February Sacred Reiki Healing Circle where we explored the Akashic Library. Such lovely energies and wisdom-sharing! Here’s a follow-up note from our guest facilitator, Laura Plato:

“Hello Sage Spirit Family! A huge thank you to Denise and Dana, and all the amazing + big hearted Sage Spirits who attended Sacred Circle this past weekend. I am so grateful for the loving embrace with which you received me, and my journey with the Akashic Records! Denise has invited me to post a link here to my “10 Tips for Students of the Akashic Records” — I hope it will support any and all who are interested in learning more about the Records. The PDF can be downloaded here.” Laura also shared the URL for the web site she referenced in our workshop.

For our next Sacred Circle, please hold Sunday, April 5 from 2:00 to 7:00. I think I heard the most interest from the participants in our last gathering to explore journeying to the ancient cities/cultures of Lemuria and Atlantis. I think there’s much to explore in both sites, so I will guide us in discovery about both places and we may journey to either as we wish. I welcome you to bring your insights, research, and wisdom about both Lemuria and Atlantis. If you are new to discovering them, that’s perfect too.

We had a couple of offers for facilitating/sharing at future Sacred Circles. One idea is for name-singing – where we each take turns in the center of the circle with community singing our name for us as a love-offering. Sounds so sweet and nurturing! Another in our community offered to share about Tantra, or sacred sexuality, as part of the spiritual path. Would these topics be of interest to you? I welcome your ideas about these or any other topics.

Reiki Masters Studies

We will have a Reiki Master Teacher intensive weekend on April 11-12. I am changing some content in the Reiki Master Teacher curriculum, and we will offer the updated version on April 11. I will also share updates to the Reiki I curriculum. On April 12 we will offer our first Reiki Master Intensive workshop. This will be a less formal gathering, with content and wisdom-sharing custom-designed around your questions and ideas for a Reiki Master life and teaching strategies. All new and returning Reiki Masters are welcome to attend either or both days. If you are interested in coming to the Intensive workshop, I welcome your responses to the following to help me to prepare:

  • How have you been successful in teaching others about Reiki – formally or informally? What questions do you have about teaching Reiki and using your training materials?
  • How are you feeling with sharing attunements? Where might you have questions or concerns?
  • How do you fold being a Reiki Master into your overall life and spiritual path? Where would you like to expand in your Reiki Master life?

I welcome any other insights you may have as well. The cost for the Intensive workshop will not be set, but will be based on a love-offering system, with whatever contribution feels right for a one-day workshop.

Many blessings until we meet again!

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