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Letting Love Lead – A Guest Blog Post by Alluvia Love

Alluvia Love, Photo Credit: Athena Llamas

Alluvia Love, Photo Credit: Athena Llamas

Relationships/connections are primarily about Love over any individual’s needs and when Love is allowed to lead, individual needs are met. This is possible because Love, and not ego, determines the way individual needs are met in accordance with the needs of the Universal whole. ~ Alluvia Love

You may remember a guest blog post I shared last March by Alluvia Love,
The New Science of Personal Responsibility,”  and the quote above that I shared last October in, “Authentic Love: Um, Where’s My Map.” Alluvia’s shamanic rebirth emerged from the literal near-death of her physical body. In my opinion, her unique and powerful journey has enhanced her evolutionary consciousness and perspectives in remarkable ways, and I always enjoy her visionary wisdom that she shares on facebook and in our conversations. Without further ado, I will share her thoughts on Love with deep honoring and gratitude. Click here to stay in touch with Alluvia on facebook and, of course, we welcome your thoughts and comments below.

“Letting Love Lead” by Alluvia Love

Alluvia ~ Self Portrait, December 2014

Alluvia ~ Self Portrait, December 2014

Humanity is entering a new relationship paradigm.  The new way of connecting with another human has nothing to do with rights, ownership, expectation or exclusivity.  It is about learning to let Love lead, about trusting an abundant and life-affirming Universe, and about service to Gaia.

Does the idea of losing control of the other humans around you bring terror?  Let your fear guide you to your limiting beliefs about what is a human being and what is our natural role in connecting with one another.  If you look around you will see that the only being you can control and own is yourself.  Every other being will come and go and live and die on their own path.  Even if they make a promise to always be there, it will not be true in a physical sense.  Truly we cannot own anything because it is all a temporary manifestation of a life-affirming Universe in which change is the only rule.

Humans seek to create certainty in an uncertain river of life.  We create insurance contracts, employment contracts and marriage contracts.  Human agreements don’t mean anything to the natural world which will burn, erupt, erode and die.  This is what the paradigm shift is all about.  Humans have gone too far against nature and the Universe is requiring us to realign with the natural world in order to survive as a species.  The paradigm shift is about reclaiming our true human nature so that we can co-exist peacefully and beneficially with Gaia.

So the new paradigm relationship work for humans is all about reclaiming self in connectivity with Gaia.  In rediscovering our true sacred nature as humans and our unique life paths as individual sovereign beings in service to the Whole, we also rediscover and reclaim our ability to connect in a life-affirming way with other humans.

Flo Aeveia Magdalena, healer/teacher/author, says it beautifully:

By claiming the self, you learn how to stay in a dedicated space of ritual with your own being. It means that everything you’re living makes sense because it honours everyone at the same time.  It honours you and it honours the other person. It frees them from responsibility to make you happy, to have sex with you, to marry you, to give you children, or to be in some way present for you – supporting you financially, emotionally or in any other way. It says, “I’m going to do all this for myself. I’m going to live this in a way that makes sense to me. Every moment from this time forward, my own honouring is my primary focus. If I honour my field in integrity, I live in a fullness that makes me awaken all the time to my own capacities and potentials.”  You are creating a reality so that the other person can respond to you from that set of circumstances.

Reclaiming self is the service we all commit to one another in any form of relationship.  It is our highest service to “other” and to Gaia.  Self-realization takes us out of victim mode (I need you) and stands us firmly in our personal power (I am complete and I want to share my capacity with you).  The empowered human always has a unique potential to share, and nothing to demand or expect or exclude.

Exclusion is an old paradigm concept.  New paradigm is inherently interconnected and therefore all-inclusive.  That doesn’t mean we have to allow what we don’t enjoy in our immediate surroundings.  It means we serve the highest purpose for everyone involved.  That means if two humans cannot enjoy one another, then they will physically separate themselves  by a distance so as not to diminish the vibration/capacity of either.  This is an act of courtesy and not fear.  Ultimately we will all cease to fear one another.  The empowered human has nothing to fear in relationship because she is already complete.  Anything the sovereign allows into her realm is Joy to her because she lets Love lead.


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7 Responses to Letting Love Lead – A Guest Blog Post by Alluvia Love

  1. tania says:

    great article by alluvia…i think i’d like to repost this if that is ok with both of you? xoox! thank you for sharing this

  2. Alluvia Love says:

    Please do repost Tania and thank you for your feedback. Blessings.

  3. tania says:

    you’re welcome and hank you so much alluvia!!! love and blessings to you too! <3

  4. tania says:

    that should say “thank” not “hank” lol!!

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  6. So beautiful and meaningful … ” Self-realization takes us out of victim mode (I need you) and stands us firmly in our personal power (I am complete and I want to share my capacity with you). ” …. YES!!! xoxo

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