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The New Science of Personal Responsibility – A Guest Blog Post by Bishop Alluvia Love, J.D.

Photo by Dana Nollsch, www.PhotoZen.us

Photo by Dana Nollsch, www.PhotoZen.us

The only evil is your own oppression of your divine creative nature. ~ Alluvia Love

Today we have a guest blog post from Alluvia Love, who has an extraordinary story of returning from the brink of death. You know how the magic and synchronicity of the Universe conspire and tickle us…

I heard about Alluvia for several years before finally meeting her. We have a few common friends, and her name came up in passing on several occasions. She’s studied shamanism from The Four Winds Society, which makes her somewhat unique in our community (and me too, I suppose). When I discovered that, I held the quiet intention to meet her someday. About a year ago I heard that she was transitioning. A mutual friend asked for my support with Reiki prayers. Then “poof.” I heard nothing more. I assumed.

Fast forward to December 2013. I saw Alluvia’s name in a facebook group, and I requested friendship, feeling really curious about what might be up. She friended me, appearing to be quite alive, and then a few days later I coincidentally met her in person at a holiday party. We’ve since stayed connected on-line and grown into a soul-siStar sense of one another. A couple of weeks ago, I invited Alluvia for tea, and she shared her healing story with me in depth. So remarkable!

Alluvia is a beacon of light. Her body feels so deeply committed to the healing journey, of coming into alignment with the light of her spirit at exactly the right pace. Her love light shines so brightly, and I know that the healing work she’s courageously engaged serves us all. I am excited for more of her story to come forth, for the greater-good-of-us-all.

Without further ado, I share thoughts from Alluvia, with gratitude, love and joy… If you would like to stay in touch with Alluvia through facebook, you’ll find her here.  I also welcome your comments below, as always.

“The New Science of Personal Responsibility” by Bishop Alluvia Love, J.D.

Science attempts to let reality speak for itself. There is general agreement among the modern scientific community regarding how to accomplish this in an objective way. Physicists negate objectivity, finding that the mere act of observation affects outcome. Observer effect, uncertainty principle, economics, and politics prevent total objectivity. I posit a new science–the science of personal responsibility. Rather than attempting to achieve objectivity, my goal is a personal feedback loop that accommodates my experience, my effect on surrounding humans and my environment, and an adjustment mechanism for achieving my desired outcome. I propose this new science for the new age of sovereignty and personal responsibility.

As a sovereign, I retain total control of my experience of life and I take full responsibility for what I create. I can change it whenever I choose. To change my experience, I change my thoughts. That is why I go to sleep in gratitude and I wake with conscious thoughts of what I wish to create. I have a new opportunity every day, so it gets better and better. This process brings personal truth into honest play with outcome. The data is infinitely more reliable for me than looking to an external authority. I am responsible for my body, my emotions, my thoughts, and the energetic messages I project out into the world. There is nowhere to hide from that responsibility. When I am off balance in any way, everything and everyone around me will know and will mirror imbalance back at me. That is Universal Law. My energy field is not capable of lying. My truth is what I create.

How does this work in life? I have recently engaged numerous experiences with mainstream and alternative medicine for healing an aggressive form of breast cancer. In the beginning of my dis-ease journey, I was armed with the so-called scientific data that more than 70% of the women with my form of cancer who take traditional allopathic treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy) die within five years. I was terrified and my intuition told me that I would die quickly if I took those treatments. I consulted with numerous and international medical practitioners, both mainstream and alternative. One physician told me that if he were in my shoes, he would do nothing because the treatment alternatives were undesirable and he observed that most cancers arise and resolve on their own, without intervention. The problem with that approach, from my perspective, is that I was bombarded daily with the question, “What are you going to DO?” In our culture, the emphasis is always on DOing. While I was strong enough to resist the push toward conventional treatment, I was not strong enough to resist DOing something.

I was a lawyer for more than a decade, up until a year past cancer diagnosis. Lawyers are trained to find someone other than their client who is allegedly responsible for the client’s grievance, and to extract compensation that never seems to make the client whole. In my experience, money has never once satisfied a person who feels victimized by circumstances, lawyer fees, and a burdensome legal process running rampant for many years.

During the following years, I tried more than fifty different cancer treatments. Some were as simple as taking a weekly iodine paint on the cervix, and others as complex as hourly doses of five different natural substances, combined with a severely restricted diet. Through all of these treatments, I developed a new level of communication with my body and a new sense of confidence in my ability to experiment and take responsibility for the results.

I was not interested in being the victim of any medical practitioner or legal process, so I accepted personal responsibility for my disease and my healing. I am not perfect, and I have evolved myself and my well-being through experience. I am more empowered and more joyful with every step on my path. I offer the process that is the result of my 4.5 year journey of exploration, personal responsibility, near-death, healing, and ever-increasing satisfaction with my life experience. There is no scientist on Earth that can bring me a better outcome than I have created for myself.

What are you creating? Are you conscious of your creation? Look at it. Are there parts of your life that you do not like? Are you willing to re-create your life?

Are you ill? What are you gaining from illness and how might you re-create what you need from wholeness and wellness?

Notice where you feel fear and negativity. Fear and negativity are red flags marking the aspects of your creation that need to be released in order for you to be free. There is nothing to be afraid of when you acknowledge that your material world manifests from you. The only evil is your own oppression of your divine creative nature.

© 2014, Alluvia Love


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